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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Failure to Charge

You have difficulty getting the phone battery to charge.

Charging Cable is Faulty

The problem may not be the Snapto. The charger cable itself can be faulty. Try charging another device with the same cable. If the device does not charge properly, then the charger is at fault. See if the SnapTo charges with a different cable.

Battery is Faulty

Try charging the SnapTo with a cable that you know works. If the device does not charge, then the battery may be at fault. A faulty battery needs to be replaced. See the battery replacement guide.

= Camera Shutter Delay ==

Your camera has lag between pressing the shutter and taking the photo.

Too Many Apps Running

Sometimes photos aren't taken instantly. The SnapTo may have too many applications running at the same time. This may cause delay in user input, like swiping or taking photos. Try closing other applications before taking photos with the camera. This can be done using the Phone Accelerator in the Phone Manager menu.

Low Battery

To save battery life, some devices will not function completely. If you experience shutter delay or cannot open the camera app, try plugging your phone into the charger. Try taking photos again when the SnapTo is charged.

Different Camera App

The SnapTo comes packaged with an official camera app. Using camera apps other than the official one can cause delays. Try taking photos with the official camera application.

Camera is Faulty

The phone's camera may have become dysfunctional. A dysfunctional camera needs to be replaced. See the camera replacement guide.

Poor Speaker Quality

Your audio is not playing, or is muffled and distorted.

Volume is Completely Off

Make sure that the SnapTo's audio is on using the volume buttons on the right side of the device.

Speaker is Disabled

If you have recently connected your SnapTo to another speaker, such as a television or a Bluetooth headset, then audio might still be coming from that device. Try disabling Bluetooth on the SnapTo, and then listening again.

Sound File is Bad

The audio of the music or video you're listening to may be low quality. Try plugging in working headphones and listening to the same audio. If the quality is still bad, then the speaker might not be the problem.

Dirty Speakers

There may be dust or dirt in the speakers reducing the sound quality. Remove the back cover of your SnapTo and blow pressurized air at the speaker to remove these particles.

Speaker is Faulty

The speaker may be dysfunctional. If the above advice did not improve quality, consider replacing the speaker. See the speaker replacement guide.

Microphone Static

You have difficulty being heard clearly on the phone.

Muted Microphone

Your microphone may be set to mute. Make sure the microphone is enabled when you place a call. There should be an icon that resembles a mic that you can toggle the mute setting.

Bad Reception

Areas with poor phone service can cause microphone static. Make sure you're in an area covered by your phone service provider when you place a call.

Dirty Microphone

The microphone may be dirty. Try blowing air into the microphone to clear it of dirt and dust.

Faulty Microphone

The microphone may be dysfunctional or worn. A faulty microphone needs to be replaced. See the microphone replacement guide.

Phone Won't Turn On

Your phone is completely unresponsive to the ON button.

Empty Battery

The SnapTo cannot turn on without battery. Try charging the phone before turning it on.

Battery is Faulty

See the the "Failure to Charge" section of this troubleshooting guide.

Motherboard is Faulty

If the phone is charged but will not turn on, then it may have a bad motherboard. Bad motherboards have to be replaced. See the motherboard replacement guide.


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