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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

The watch will not respond to the power-up button or show any signs of turning on.

Ensure your charger is plugged in properly, and that the four magnetic ports are not damaged. If the watch doesn't respond to being connected, consider purchasing a new charger.

If the charger appears to be fully functional, or if the watch only turns on when it is plugged in, this would indicate a faulty battery. Consider replacing the battery using this guide.

The watch is non-responsive to touch commands, or responds erratically and/or slowly.

Moisture, dirt, and/or oil may interrupt the watch from sensing the skin. This would lead the screen to misread user’s input. Ensure that your hands, or the screen, are clean before trying to operate the device.

The strap is damaged or in need of replacing.

Follow this guide for step-by-step directions on how to replace the watch's strap.

The watch may not respond properly to certain commands, or is taking generally too long to perform its functions.

If the watch's memory space is taken up, this may slow down the device's processing. Consider deleting unnecessary from the watch using the phone app.

If the watch's processing seems to be significantly slowed down, then there may be a problem with the internal circuits of the device. Consider following this guide in order to replace the motherboard.

The screen was broken during an incident.

Currently there are no guides published on how to replace the screen for this particular device. If the screen is damaged, it is highly recommended to take the watch to a Huawei or Android Wear repair shop. However, this link provides general information on how to replace a smartwatch screen.


Hello, a week ago my Huawei Watch (purchased new in December, 2016) started going through a “Rebooting” cycle (restarting every few minutes). So I powered off the watch, but then have not been able to turn it on since then. I’ve tried to turn on the watch when it’s connected to the charger, which I could feel that the back of the watch was warm, but it would not turn on. Would you consider replacing the battery for this situation?

Thank you very much!!


Deng-Shan Shiau - Reply

This very same series of events has happened to me in the past week. This coincidence leads me to believe that this is software issue (associated with a recent update) and not a hardware issue.

Luke Richardson - Reply

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