A watch's battery is responsible for maintaining the life-time of the watch. Therefore, a damaged battery will take away from the enjoyment of the watch. This guide highlights the steps required to replace the Huawei Jewel Battery. It can be a relatively difficult process, so follow all steps carefully.

  1. Begin by laying the watch on a flat, smooth surface.
    • Begin by laying the watch on a flat, smooth surface.

    • This will prevent the watch screen from suffering damage.

    • Obtain a Flex Extension with a Size 1.0 mm flat-head. In the case of not having said tool, for this model of watch one can use the hands to replace the strap.

  2. Locate the two springs on the back of your watch.
    • Locate the two springs on the back of your watch.

    • The watch comes with two of these springs on each side of the back-face. These are used to release the straps from the body of the watch.

    • Use the Flex Extension to push the spring to the right. This will release the strap from the watch head.

    • Carefully pull the strap away from the watch.

    • Repeat step 3, this time using the other strap.

    • Locate the 4 T3 screws in the back of your watch, and use the T3 Torx Screwdriver to unscrew them.

    • Use the Metal Spudger to pry open the back of your watch.

    • Make sure the watch is off and not plugged in when prying into the case with the Metal Spudger to avoid the risk of electric shock.

    • Remove the back case.

    • Use tweezers or a nylon spudger to pry up the four press-fit connectors.

    • The glued-down connector in the middle is harder to remove than the rest. That is perfectly fine.

    • Locate the two Phillips #00 screws holding down the motherboard, and use the Phillips #00 screwdriver to remove them.

    • Ensure to place these screws separately from the Torx screws, as they can easily be mixed up.

    • Use the Metal Spudger to lift the mother board from the watch.

    • The metal spudger may cause damage to the device, use a black nylon spudger when possible.

    • Remove the motherboard.

    • Use the Metal Spudger to carefully lift the battery from the watch.

      • Ensure that the polarity (+/- signs) of the new battery match that of the old battery when inserting new battery into device.

    • A metal spudger may cause damage to the battery or device. Use an opening pick when possible.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Any idea where one can purchase the actual battery? I can’t find one anywhere.

Chris Wellings - Reply

@Chris wellings: i was able to find one on ebay. Arrived quite quickly. And you definitely need a T2(not 3) screwdriver to open up the watch.

edgar.dumea - Reply

thanks for this great guide, it’s very clear. My W1’s battery is still OK, but I’m anticipating needing to change it sometime and your guide removes the fear!

Paul M - Reply

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