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Hipstreet Titan Plus Troubleshooting

Manufactured by the Hipstreet a Canadian based electronics company, a tablet with the following product ID: 23747369.

The tablet will not tun on past the android screen.

The tablet could be experiencing an internal malfunction and just needs to be restarted. If you let the tablet die and then charge it you will be able to restart it and the tablet will fully turn on for you.

The table could be experiencing a malfunction within the motherboard. If resetting the device is not working you might need to use the Hipstreet Titan Plus Motherboard Replacement.

The tablet's battery will not hold a charge and will only work when it is plugged into the power source.

Sometimes when the tablet will not hold a charge the issue is a problem with the battery itself. First try to let the tablet die and then attempt to reconnect it to the power source and see if once it is charged if it will hold the charge. If it does not you might need to use the Hipstreet Titan Plus Battery Replacement.

Sometimes when the tablet will not hold a charge it can be due to a faulty charging port. When this happens it will not allow the device to charge and causes it to seem like the battery is not holding a charge. If there is no indication that the tablet is charging at all, then replacing the charging port could be the solution to the problem.

The tablet's screen is either not responding to your touch or it is not easy to read/watch what is on the screen.

A crack in the screen makes it difficult to see the pictures clearly. It also can eventually get larger and ruin the entire screen so that it is no longer able to function properly. When this happens the best option will be to replace the screen. There are two possible cause. One is that the inner screen has broken which often results in a distorted black image. The other is the outer glass screen could be broken which causes everything to be hard to see and read on the device.

If the touch screen of the device is not working the first step would be to restart the device. It might simply be a screen lock or something similar and once the device is restarted it will work. If that does not work you can try removing any cases or screen protectors. While these so assist in keeping your device safe they may not allow your device to work as it was intended. If non of the above solutions work you might need to use the Hipstreet Titan Plus Screen Replacement.

The camera will not capture any image or video.

The camera might need to be reset which can be accomplished by going to the settings application of the device. Another issue could be that the tablet needs to be updated which would also potentially update the camera which could be causing the issue.

Sometimes you can simply restart the device and it will fix any glitch that the camera might have. If that does not work there might be something wrong with the camera and you might need to use the Hipstreet Titan Plus Camera Replacement.

There is no sound coming out of the Speaker.

Sometimes the speaker is not working due to a malfunction. When this happens hitting the reset button on the device can reset the entire system and fix the problem.

The speaker might be blown and when this happens you will need to replace the speaker. You could utilize the Hipstreet Titan Plus Speaker Replacement.


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