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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

HP Chromebook 11 G3 Troubleshooting

Chromebook released in October 2013 by HP.

The laptop doesn’t turn on when the power button is pressed

Plug the laptop into a charger that is connected to a functional outlet. This should cause the laptop to turn on after a short period of time. If it doesn’t turn on, look at the subsequent problems below or in the battery section.

Over time, batteries lose their ability to hold charge. If the battery percentage decreases rapidly during use or frequently dies when a high percentage is still indicated, replace the battery. Find our battery replacement guide here.

The battery percentage does not rise past a certain point or will not rise when the laptop is plugged into a charger connected to a functional outlet.

The problem could be with the charging cord itself due to overall wear and tear. To determine if the problem is with the charger or with the battery, plug the charger into another device to establish its functionality. If a functional charger cannot charge the laptop, the problem is likely in the battery. If the charger is nonfunctional, replace it.

If the charger cannot be plugged in, make sure the charger is compatible with the device. Clear the charging port of any debris by cleaning it gently with a toothpick. If it still does not work, or if the charger cannot be plugged into the port, consider replacing the charging port. Find our charging port replacement guide here.

The keys on the keyboard don't respond or they do so slowly.

If any keys are unresponsive or have fallen off, consider using an external keyboard or replacing the keys. Find our key replacement guide here.

If the keys cannot be pressed, or pushing a key causes resistance from beneath, there may be debris lodged under the keys. Remove the key and clear out any debris. Find our key replacement guide here.

The pointer does not respond when the touchpad is used.

If the touchpad is visibly dirty or glossy, wipe the touchpad with a rag until it is clean. Even if the touchpad is not visibly dirty, it is a good idea to keep this clean to avoid future problems.

If the touchpad remains unresponsive, consider using an external mouse. It may be broken or is disconnected. Find our touchpad replacement guide here.

The webcam shows only a black screen or a distorted picture

Check the laptop’s settings to see if the webcam is turned off. If so, turn it on.

If the camera shows a distorted picture, streaks of color, or only shows a black screen, the camera and lens should be replaced. Find our camera replacement guide here.

The bluetooth cannot connect to another device or does not work when connected.

The other device may be too far away to be paired to the Chromebook. Most bluetooth connections have a signal radius of 10 meters, or 30 feet. Bring it into proximity with the device to enable them to pair properly.

A software error may prevent the devices from connecting. Perform a factory reset on the laptop as this may correct the software.


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