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Google Pixel Troubleshooting

The Google Pixel won’t turn on when the power button is pressed.

The phone could be drained of battery, which is why it isn’t turning on or responding. Try plugging the phone into a charger to make sure there is no hardware issues occurring. If the phone’s usual charging signs are occurring it simply isn’t charged. If the charging signs don’t occur, there could be an issue with the charging port or battery.

It is possible that there is an issue with the battery of the phone or the battery has run out of battery life. If plugging the phone into a charger doesn’t help, try replacing the battery by following this guide.

To see if the screen of the phone is damaged, plug the Google Pixel into a charger and look for the battery icon. If the battery icon appears, try to reboot by holding down the power button for 30 seconds. If a red light shows, then the battery is completely discharged. Wait 30 minutes and then reboot. If neither shows, then there may be problems with your screen. Hold down the power button for 30 seconds, and then wait 2 minutes. Try to call the phone from another device and see if it lights up. If it rings but does not light up, the screen is most likely damaged. To replace the screen, follow this guide.

The phone may be experiencing a system crash. This is a common issue that all phones experience from time to time. Hold the power button for 10 seconds and if the phone has enough battery life it will reboot.

The Google Pixel won’t charge when plugged into a power source.

Check to see if there is any dirt or lint in the charging port or surrounding area. Blow air into these areas or wipe them with a cloth to ensure that there is nothing preventing the phone from charging.

Check to see if the charger being used is working by plugging it into a different device. If the second device still does not charge, try using a different USB Type C charger.

If the charger is confirmed to be in working condition, but the phone will not charge, it is possible that the charging port is damaged. To replace the USB Type C charging port, follow this guide.

It is possible that the device’s battery is no longer working properly. To replace the battery, follow this guide.

The Google Pixel Restarts, Freezes, or Crashes When in Use.

Updating the system on your device may fix this issue. Open the device’s Settings app > System updates. If there are updates available, install them.

If an app is out of date it can cause the phone to freeze or crash. To check for app updates go to the Play Store app > Menus > apps & games. Apps that need an update have an "update" label on them.

To check if an app is causing the crash or freezing reboot the device into safe mode. Safe mode temporarily disables all downloaded apps.To put the device into safe mode, press and hold the power button. Then touch and hold the Power off option when it appears on the screen. When "reboot to safe mode" appears, press okay. If the freezing and crashes stop once the device is in safe mode, it is a downloaded app causing the issue. To exit safe mode, restart the device. Once you have identified an app is the problem, one by one uninstall a downloaded app then restart the device until the device stops crashing and freezing.

If the phone’s storage is too full, it may not function properly. To clear up more space, delete unnecessary files. To check available storage, open the device’s Settings app > Device > Storage. If the phone has less than 10% storage available, this may be the reason it’s experiencing issues.

The Google Pixel won’t respond when the screen is touched.

The phone may be experiencing a system crash, which is common for all phones. Restart the phone by holding the power button and pressing restart. If you don’t see a restart button, hold the power button for 30 seconds until the phone restarts.

The screen may not respond to touch due to debris accumulation. Clean the screen and then attempt to use the device.

If the phone is cracked or chipped, it could result in the screen not responding. To replace the screen, follow this guide.

The microphone on the Google Pixel won’t record audio.

Resetting the microphone may fix any issues with the microphone. To reset the microphone, call the voicemail and then turn the speakerphone on and off.

Performing a factory reset on the device restores it to how it was when it was purchased. This may solve software issues with the microphone. Make sure to back up the device before restoring it. To perform a reset, open the Settings app > Personal > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone. Enter the pin if prompted, then tap "Erase Everything," then "Reboot Your Device" once the process is finished. Afterwards, restore the data.

The microphone on the phone could be broken. To replace the microphone, follow this guide.

The fingerprint scanner does not register fingers and will not unlock the device.

Check to see if the scanner is being obstructed by dirt, lint, or anything else preventing the fingerprint from being scanned.

If the fingerprints have not been saved, or have not been saved properly, the device will not unlock through the scanner. Navigate to Settings > Personal > Security > Pixel Imprint, and then proceed to follow the on-screen instructions.

The scanner will fail to read fingerprints if it is broken. To replace the fingerprint scanner, follow this guide.

The Google Pixel won’t transmit audio when headphones are plugged in.

Check to see if there is any dirt or lint in the headphone jack or surrounding area. Carefully clean the area with a toothpick or cotton swab to ensure that there is nothing preventing the headphones from connecting to the device.

Check to see if the headphones are working by plugging them into other devices. If the headphones don’t transmit any sound from other devices then new headphones are needed.

Check to see if the headphones are working by plugging them into other devices. If the headphones transmit audio from other devices then the headphone jack may be broken. To replace the headphone jack follow this guide.


Phone was dropped in tolit for a second was cleaned and dried off phone went off an I put in rices for days but still won't come on even after charging can my phone be fixed

Sandra - Reply

Some Google pixel owners have reported issue of Google pixel screen won’t turn on after charging. You can see black screen on your Google pixel and pixel XL devices. There are various reasons to occur this issue such as charger fault, damage charging port, power outlet and other problems. Let see some of the solutions to fix Google pixel wont turn on after charging.

1st Method: Check your device charger

2nd Method: Restart your Google pixel

3rd Method: Check wall outlet

4th Method: Turn on safe mode on Google pixel

5th Method: Wipe cache partition on Google pixel

To see details about all methods, you will visit my site

Bestuseful - Reply

second google phone now (pixel) with issues within 2 months. go with samsung. i’m done with pixel and google. black screen and only vibrates. battery at 80%.

briancristopher - Reply

Thank you so much! I got worried for a second. My system had crashed at 1% battery, so I had assumed that it had just died. When I plugged it in and it didn’t work, I got really nervous. But it actually needed to be rebooted—so simple!

babywhale3378 2 - Reply

Our family has three Pixel phones. All have been replaced at least once. I called about the black unresponsive screen and after several attempts to fix was told to take it to a company two and a half hours away for them to diagnose it and see if it could be fixed. I was given the name and address and telephone number of this place. After driving all that time I was told that they could not even look at a refurbished phone and that Google reps knew this. So two and one half hours back home and still a completely dead phone. I am sick of Google and Pixels.

tibre - Reply

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