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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Motor will not start ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get your vacuum to turn on.

Power switch is not turned on ¶ 

Make sure you have pressed the power switch into the on position.

Check the socket ¶ 

Plug a different device that you know is working into the socket to make sure the socket is okay.

Vacuum does not clean carpet ¶ 

You keep going over and over the same spot, but you still can't pick the dirt up off of the carpet.

Full dust cup or clogged filter ¶ 

Empty, clean, or see Eureka AirSpeed Bagless Zuum Vacuum Washable Filters Replacement guide to replace the dust cup filter.

Faulty hose or valve assembly ¶ 

Make sure air path selector know is turned to the floor setting and there is not a blockage in the hose.

Worn, cut, or out of shape belt ¶ 

To replace a worn or cut belt, see Eureka AirSpeed Bagless Zuum Vacuum Belt Replacement guide to replace the belt.

Incorrect carpet height setting ¶ 

Turn carpet height selector to another setting.

No suction at the end of hose ¶ 

You try and clean the baseboards and corners, but the hose won't suck up any cobwebs.

Full dust cup or clogged filter ¶ 

If filter is clogged beyond cleaning, see Eureka AirSpeed Bagless Zuum Vacuum Washable Filters Replacement guide to replace the filter.

Faulty hose or damaged hose ¶ 

If the hose is damaged, see Eureka AirSpeed Bagless Zuum Vacuum Hose Replacement guide to replace the hose.

Vacuum is hard to push ¶ 

Even on hardwood floors, you struggle to push the vacuum.

Worn, cut, or out of shape belt ¶ 

If the belt is damaged, see Eureka AirSpeed Bagless Zuum Vacuum Belt Replacement guide to replace the belt.

Burning smell ¶ 

You begin using the vacuum and something smells like burning rubber.

Brush roll will not turn ¶ 

If the brush roll will not turn, see Eureka AirSpeed Bagless Zuum Brush Roll Replacement guide to replace the brush roll.


Won't start, electrical outlet is good, there is power. New bag, no dirt around switch, no breaker flipped, power cord is intact. Still won't start. Now what?

7ohnnyramone - Reply

My vacuum is brand new. I have used it once. Today as I vacuumed it just randomly shut off and now it will not turn back on. Any ideas why and what needs to be done??? Power outlets are good and I have checked everything with the vacuum. Like I said its brand new!

Jennifer - Reply

Same as the others. The vacuum stopped running and will not come back. Less than 3 weeks old. AVOID BUYING THIS PIECE OF CRAP!!!!

Not That Guy - Reply

Same as others too. Ours is fairly new. Won't come back on. VERY frustrating since we thought were upgrading and getting a better vacuum.

jakewaits - Reply

Same problem brush wont turn and shouts down and wont come back on for a half hour,I checked the belt it was ok,So i fixed it i put it in the trash no more problem.PS IT WAS ONLY USED 2 TIMES .Dont buy a Eureka AirSpeed Bagless sweeper

cross571 - Reply

Same problem!! It just shut off one day and wouldn't turn back on only one year old! Checked the socket and of course it was turned on. Don't buy. A piece of junk. Also the attachment to the hose fell off after two months!!

lisahamilton32 - Reply

I ran my vac with too dirty of a filter. The motor shut off. Heard of a thermal switch to prevent motor from siezing. Does the airstream gold have such a feature?

lindseyoldham - Reply

Have had this vacuum since 2012 with no trouble. Doing a maintenance cleaning right now. Always clean the filter and empty dust after every use. Love it.

mstephens8654 - Reply

The vacuum part won't work. It seems to pick up everything but after moving it around for awhile it just basically dumps what I just picked up. Another thing, it doesn't vacuum my rug anymore, just picks things up and spits them out right away. The hose part works great. I tried to unclog the vacuum part and thought it was unclogged but still doesn't do what I want it to do and what it used to do. This vacuum is only a few months old...

Kristin M - Reply Bought at. Xmas not over used. Find out anything ?

Sue young -

how do I clean the hose?

nshea_nf - Reply

My Vacuum all of the sudden just stopped working, it won't turn on. Does anyone know what the problem could be???

Holly A Meyers - Reply

Did you recently clean and empty all the filters and dust containers? I would double check that you have the inner plastic filter properly attached to the funnel-looking part, because otherwise it might be blocking the airway. I had this happen to mine and I think it caused the motor to overheat and didn't discover it until after I think I caused the motor to overheat. I just hope I didn't totally fry it.

Madison Donnelly -

Ours has been running with a really hot cord then today it did shut off like that. I took it apart and found white dust caked on the roller. I can only think this is carpet pet powder. Once I cleaned up the whole inside everything runs great

Debbie McVegan - Reply

My vac is making a load noise but sucks any ideas?

Tammy Cardinal - Reply

My vac is making a load noise but is sucking ?any ideas?

Tammy Cardinal - Reply

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