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My fight stick doesn't appear to respond to any input.

Check to make sure your Eightarc Fusion's USB wire is fully plugged into your Xbox 360, PS3, or PC through a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port.

Ensure that the Eightarc Fusion is plugged directly into the computer; don't plug it into a USB hub.

If the USB wire that connects the Eightarc Fusion to the console or computer is broken, bent, frayed or destroyed, refer to our USB wire replacement guide.

The top button bar flashes when I plug in my fight stick, but none of the buttons do anything.

If the fight stick lights up when plugged in but the buttons and joystick do not respond, check the input selector switch to make sure that the arcade stick is in the correct input mode.

To switch between Xbox 360 and PS3/PC input mode, slide the input selector switch to your desired mode. After changing modes, you must unplug the arcade stick from the console or PC and reconnect the device.

The joystick wiggles and moves freely around its base.

If the joystick base is loose or wiggly, you will need to unscrew the bottom metal cover of the device and tighten the screws holding the joystick to the top cover. Do not tighten them too much to avoid cracking or damaging the joystick or top cover. Use the joystick replacement guide to open up the device and get to the joystick.

The joystick doesn't move smoothly or sticks in a certain position

Remove the joystick using the joystick replacement guide and clean off any dirt that may be lodged under it.

Remove the joystick using the joystick replacement guide and lubricate the joystick with a dab of Vaseline.

The buttons aren't secured and move around when I press them.

Each button is connected to the top cover by plastic tabs. Unscrew the bottom metal cover off the device and verify that the plastic tabs are fully pushed down and intact. If they are loose, apply force to the top of the button until they click down. If they are broken, refer to the button replacement guide.

The buttons don't press down all the way, stick, or don't push down consistently

Remove the affected button using the button replacement guide and remove the top switch of the button by depressing the plastic tabs on the sides of the button component and pulling the top switch out. Clean out any dirt, dust, or oils.

When I plug my headphones into my fight stick, I hear no sounds. When I try using a headset, the microphone doesn't work, either.

Check for dust or grime inside the headphone jack. Try cleaning it out with a dry paintbrush.

If the headphone jack is broken, refer to the headphone jack replacement guide.

Voice can't be delivered or heard through microphone.

Check to make sure your microphone's mute feature isn't switched on. If the mute feature is on, switch it off.

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R2 and L2 buttons not working even though all wiring connections are secure. Replaced with new buttons and still not working.

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