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Dell Inspiron 9100 Troubleshooting

Laptop does not start or fails to boot

The laptop fails to turn on when the power button is pressed. Alternatively, the laptop turns on but does not boot the operating system.

A drained or bad battery will result in the laptop not having sufficient power to boot.

Charge Battery

If your laptop fails to turn on, first try to charge the battery.

Change out power cord

If the battery cannot charge, there may be a problem with the power cord. Try to charge the laptop with another power cord.

Replace Battery

If charging the battery does not solve the problem, then the battery must have used all it's cycles. Refer to the battery replacement guide.

Memory Issue

If the laptop still doesn't turn on, it is possible that the problem lies within the RAM (Random Access Memory) chip. Refer to the memory replacement guide.

Computer overheats/Loud sound is present

The computer becomes exceptionally hot, or a loud humming sound emits from the computer. If this is the case, either of the two fans may be damaged or dirty.

Replace Fan Two

Fan Two is located near the sound card and cools a portion of your computer. If this is where the sound is coming from, refer to the Fan Two replacement guide.

Replace Fan Three

Fan Three is located on the other end of your computer. If this is where the sound is coming from, refer to the Fan Three replacement guide.

Input does not register

A keystroke does not register on the computer.

Frozen Software

Often times, a program will "freeze" and stop responding to inputs with the keyboard (this is likely if your cursor has also stopped flashing). Use the CTRL-ALT-DEL keyboard shortcut to close the program, or restart your computer.

Bad Keyboard

If the computer continually fails to register keystrokes after a reboot, you may have a bad keyboard. Refer to the keyboard replacement guide.

No wireless connectivity

You are unable to connect to a wireless network, even if you know that you are in range of one.

Reconfigure wireless settings

Go to your computer's wireless settings page and try searching for the network manually. Your computer's settings may have wireless connectivity disabled so as to save power.

Replace wireless card

If your computer consistently fails to find any networks, you may need to replace the wireless card. Refer to the wireless card replacement guide.

PCMCIA Card (Expansion Slot) in need of Installation

Small accessories can be added to the computer in the form of PCMCIA cards

Install PCMCIA Card

If you desire to install a PCMCIA expansion card follow the PCMCIA card guide.

CD drive does not read disks

The computer does not recognize disks when they are put in the CD drive, or the CD drive never spins the disk

Check for disk scratches and format

Check to see if your disk is scratched or damaged. If so, you will need to replace the disk. Also, the drive may have difficulty reading disks that were home-burned.

Replace CD Drive

If the CD drive does not spin up at all or if the drive does not read any disk, your CD drive may be in need of replacement. Refer to the CD Drive replacement guide.


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