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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

DeWalt DC970 Troubleshooting

Released in 2007, identified by product code DC970K-2. Cordless, 18V 1/2" drill/driver kit.

Battery is Not Charging

Your battery will not charge or will not hold a charge

Charger is not plugged in

Find an electrical outlet nearby and plug the battery charger in with the battery attached. The light on the front panel will blink red if it is charging.

Old Battery

Over time, a battery deteriorates and loses its ability to hold a charge. You will need to purchase a new battery if your battery is old.

Blown Fuses

The fuse in the battery charger may have blown due to a power surge. It must be replaced. Check out our replacement guide for replacing the fuse.

Defective Battery Charger

The charger may not be charging the battery efficiently at all due to other broken parts or wear and tear. You will need to purchase a replacement battery charger.

Drill Won't Operate

Your drill will not work when the trigger is depressed.

Low/Dead Batteries

Your battery may by low on power or out of power. If the battery is low on power, the drill may work slowly or not at all. To replace the battery, check out our replacement guide.

Faulty Battery

First, check to see if the battery needs charging. If it is fully charged, but does not hold the charge for long while using the drill , you may need to purchase a replacement battery.

Defective Battery Charger

The battery charger may not be working. See the "Defective Battery Charger" section above for how to test the charger's functionality. If it does not work, you may need to purchase a replacement battery charger.

Corroded Brushes

The brushed that are attached to the motor may be old or have accumulated dirt. They may need to be replaced.

The Motor is Burned Out

The motor is the main source of power for your drill. If it is not working, then the drill will not either. To replace the motor, check out our replacement guide.

The Motor Connections are Dirty

The connections to the motor may be dirty. Clean them with a clean cloth.

Chuck is Wobbling

When operating the drill, the chuck is wobbling.

The Chuck is Loose

The chuck is a specialized clamp that holds the drill bit in place to ensure smooth drilling. It is the spinning black piece located directly behind where the drill bit is inserted. The chuck will wobble if it is not fully tightened. To fix this, rotate the chuck clockwise until the wobbling stops.

The Chuck is Defective

Build up could be blocking the chuck from being able to fully tighten. Remove the chuck and clean any build up. You may need to replace the chuck.

The Chuck is Corroded

Corrosion may have built up inside of the chuck. The chuck must be replaced.

Gears Making a Squeaky Noise

The gears are making a squeaky noise while the drill is operating

The Clutch is Broken

The clutch of the drill is located directly above the reverse switch and allows you to control the amount of torque being applied to a screw so it doesn’t go in too deep. So if your drill gears are making a loud noise or any noise that does not sound normal when it is rotating it may help to take the clutch off and see if it is broken. To replace the clutch, check out our replacement guide.

Drill is Stuck in Reverse

The drill will only drill in the reverse direction.

The Directional Switch is Engaged in the Reverse Position

There is a switch located just above the trigger that makes the drill switch directions when pressed. Switch it to the opposite position and see if this causes the drill to go forwards again,

The Area around the Reverse Switch is Dirty

Dirt and grime build up may cause the reverse switch to become stuck in the reverse position. Clean the area around the reverse switch.

The Reverse Switch is Broken

You may need to replace the reverse switch. Check out our replacement guide for replacing the switch.


My DeWalt 970 has a trigger stuck in the forward position it will only stop turning when I remove the battery how do I release the trigger

Larry Fellenger - Reply

My dewalt dcd985 hammer drill/driver came back from the shop with reversed forward/reverse functions. Not a huge deal but I wanted to fix it today. I tried switching the wires to the brushes, that did not do anything. I am wondering about the wires coming off the switch if they are on the wrong poles, or the switch itself is bad/reversed. Any idea how to fix this?

Robert D Veldkamp - Reply

Can not take end drill out , what should I do?

nick061265 - Reply

gears on my drill making a rattling noise when I let go off the start trigger .sounds like they falling apart .

tony.crookham - Reply

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