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Cuisinart DFP-14BCN Troubleshooting

Device Won't Turn On ¶ 

Device is unresponsive when the on or pulse button is pushed.

Device Not Plugged In ¶ 

Check to make sure your device’s cord is plugged into an outlet.

Faulty Outlet ¶ 

If your device is plugged in but not turning on, your outlet may not be working. Test the outlet for power by plugging in another device that you know is working. If power is being supplied, your device may need further maintenance.

Device Recovering from Overheating ¶ 

If your device has recently overheated from excessive use, the device won’t turn on for 5 minutes to 1 hour afterwards. Wait the allotted time and try turning on your device again.

Faulty Power Cord ¶ 

If your power cord has any exposed wires, it is most likely damaged and will need to be replaced. Refer to the Cuisinart DFP-14BCN Power Cord Replacement guide for instructions.

Blades Won't Spin ¶ 

Device is properly plugged in, but blades won’t spin when on or pulse button is pressed.

Device Components are Not Properly Aligned ¶ 

Check to make sure that all components of your device are properly aligned. For safety, the machine will not run if components are out of place. To align your device, lock the work bowl so the handle is facing the front of the processor base. The cover locks the same way as the bowl. Set the cover so the tab is slightly left of center, and then turn it to lock into place. Slide in the large and small pusher and compress the small pusher so that the safety locking mechanism is engaged. Refer to the Cuisinart DFP-14BCN Bowl Replacement guide to check if your device is properly aligned.

Faulty Capacitor ¶ 

If the drive shaft spins easily by hand but the motor only hums when powered on, your capacitor may be faulty and needs to be replaced. Refer to the Cuisinart DFP-14BCN Capacitor Replacement guide for instructions.

Faulty Drive Shaft ¶ 

If the drive shaft does not spin easily by hand, it may be faulty and needs to be replaced.

Damaged Motor ¶ 

If the motor does not spin, it may be damaged. The motor may create a sound as if it is about to start, but does not do so.

Damaged Safety Feature ¶ 

If all of the device's components are in place and the motor and drive shaft are functioning, the safety switch could be stuck. This feature prevents the blades from spinning when the parts are not completely or correctly assembled. See the Cuisinart DFP-14BCN Safety Switch Replacement guide for instructions on how to access and replace the safety switch.

Device Stops During Use ¶ 

Blades stop spinning while food processor is in use.

Device Became Unplugged ¶ 

Plug your device back into a functioning outlet.

Device May Have Overheated ¶ 

If the blades stop spinning mid-use, excessive strain may have caused the motor to overheat and stop. Turn off the machine and wait 5-10 minutes for the motor to cool off. Try processing the food again in a smaller batch or for a shorter amount of time.

Blade is Jammed ¶ 

The amount of food used may have exceeded the device’s maximum capacity. If there is excess food build-up, the motor will slow down and stop due to increased resistance. Remove half of the food, and process it in two batches. For future use, refer to the Cuisinart DFP-14BCN Instruction Booklet, which offers the recommended capacity for food being processed.

Device Continues Running After Use ¶ 

Blades spin when one or more of the device’s components are not properly aligned.

Faulty Safety Switch ¶ 

The safety switch that keeps the blades from running when the device is not aligned is not working. Replace the safety switch. Refer to the Cuisinart DFP-14BCN Safety Switch Replacement guide for instructions.

Tabs Broke Off ¶ 

The plastic tabs on the cover that engage the safety mechanism broke off, causing the machine to not run.

Excessive Force Used ¶ 

If the cover of the processor was pulled on too hard, the plastic tabs can snap off. If the tabs are still in good shape, they may be glued back on. Use PVC pipe glue to secure the tabs. If the tabs broke into multiple pieces, you should buy a replacement cover with functioning tabs.

Liquid Leaks From Device ¶ 

Liquid leaks from the bowl when the device is being used.

Too Much Liquid ¶ 

If liquid leaks out between the bowl and cover when the device is running, you added too much liquid. Add a maximum of 3 cups thin or 6 cups thick liquid. Turn the motor on before adding other liquid ingredients and add liquids slowly to allow the other ingredients to absorb it.

Seal Not Created Between Blade and Bowl ¶ 

If liquid leaks from the bowl onto the motor base, remove the bowl from base as soon as you finish processing. Do not remove the metal blade first. When the bowl and blade are removed together, the blade drops down and forms a liquid-tight seal against the bowl.

Device is Dirty ¶ 

The device has accumulated food particles or odors after use.

Use Over Time Has Caused Device to Smell ¶ 

If use over time has caused your processor to smell, you will need to clean your device. Mix a solution of half water and half baking soda. Pour the solution into the bowl and soak for 15 minutes to eliminate odors. Rinse the bowl under running warm water and dry thoroughly to prevent bacteria growth or damage.

Food Trapped in Safety Mechanism ¶ 

Food particles may accumulate in the bowl and lid’s safety mechanism. To remove food buildup, unplug the device, remove the blade and discs, remove the bowl and cover from the base, and soak them in warm, soapy water. If the safety mechanism has a lot of buildup, soak the parts in a solution of half water and half vinegar. After 30 minutes, remove the bowl and cover from the soaking solution and rinse them under running warm water. Use a small brush, pipe cleaner, or cloth-covered chopstick to dislodge food particles. Dry the bowl and cover thoroughly to prevent bacteria growth or damage.


Cannot turn on the processor, no problem with obvious things like the blades in properly switch is working etc. no sound from the motor at all.

Purchased in 2015 the box says full 5 year warranty. Can I get a replacement? Tried everything can think of and on the site.

Christine J

Christine Sullivanreitz - Reply

We are having the same problem. The cause seems to be that the aluminum rod on the pusher assembly no longer pushes out the stainless safety pin (on the bottom of the work bowl lid) a sufficient distance to start the processor. The maximum the pin will extend when pushed out using the pusher assembly is 7mm, but when I press against the wheel inside the top of the work bowl cover with a small screwdriver, I can easily extend the pin to 9mm. This 2mm difference prevents the cusiinart from turning on when fully assembled. Not sure if the little plastic wheel wore down, or something got bent inside the mechanism that pushes the pin out, but this is the problem - the safety pin isn’t extending sufficiently to allow the cuisinart to run. Not sure what cusinart will be willing to do except sell me a new work bowl lid and pusher assembly because the unit is out of warranty.

dlowryjr - Reply

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