Potentially Dangerous
Injury may result if this procedure is not followed properly. Use caution and follow all warnings.


Replacing your faulty capacitor will bring power back to your motor, allowing the blades to spin. The Cuisinart DFP-14BCN has two capacitors, so these steps may be followed to remove each one. To remove and replace your capacitor, you will need to use a soldering iron. Check out this soldering guide for instructions.

Capacitors are potentially dangerous. Be sure to discharge each capacitor before conducting this repair, and follow all safety guidelines found here: Watch out for Large Capacitors.

  1. Unplug your food processor before starting any disassembly.
    • Unplug your food processor before starting any disassembly.

    • Remove the small pusher by rotating it clockwise and lifting up.

  2. Remove the large pusher by grabbing its sides and pulling up.
    • Remove the large pusher by grabbing its sides and pulling up.

    • There may be a clicking sound from the safety feature being disengaged in this step.

    • Remove the lid from the bowl by turning it clockwise and lifting.

    • Take out the blades by grabbing the plastic center piece and lifting up.

    • Avoid contact with blades as they are extremely sharp.

    • Position the handle of the bowl so that it is on your left.

    • Grab the handle and push clockwise. Lift up the bowl to remove it.

    • Turn the food processor's base upside down by lifting it up and turning it over.

    • Position the base so that the on and pulse buttons are facing you.

    • Place the base on top of the food processor's bowl to keep the base from wobbling while you work on it.

    • Remove the two 13.0mm screws that hold down the casing with a Phillips #2 screwdriver.

    • Lift up the front left and the back right rubber feet by pulling back the rubber with your fingers.

    • Remove the 13.0mm screw under each rubber foot with a Phillips #2 screwdriver.

    • Lift off the back casing by raising it upward.

    • Orient the base of the processor so that the power cord is facing you.

    • Locate the capacitor that you need to replace. The capacitor looks like a black cylindrical battery.

    • There are two capacitors in the device, but these steps refer to replacing the leftmost capacitor.

    • Slide the plastic covering off of the white wire connection on the top of the capacitor by pulling gently.

    • Lift the capacitor out of the plastic casing by pulling up.

    • Remove the capacitor by desoldering the white and black wire from the capacitor with a soldering iron.

    • Check out this soldering guide if you need help.

    • For reassembly, the new capacitor's connections will have to be soldered together.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Very helpful. Doing this on an earlier model, the DLC-7 SuperPro. Confirmed my suspicion that the case screws were under the feet and offered a strategy for diagnosing the loss of power about which I was unaware.

David Winsemius - Reply

My model DL-8m had three visible screws and one hidden beneath the rubber foot. I had no idea how to open the base till I read your guide. Thanks!

Any ideas about a source for the replacement capacitor?

Christina Nordholm - Reply

Just input the numbers off the capacitor ( 150uf 250 vac etc. ) into google and you should find a few different ones ( I went with eBay ) make sure to not only get one that matches ratings wise but also visually similar ( so it fits the original location )

abraham lemoine - Reply

Capacitor is ok

runs when put on its side, but in normal vertical position motor hums but won’t start unless you twist the shaft

starts normally when on its side

Eliot Brown - Reply

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