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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

CASIO CDP-230R Troubleshooting

Released in 2013, Has 88 keys

Keyboard is completely unresponsive

The AC adapter’s circular end should be plugged into the power port in the back of the keyboard. If the cable is loose, push the circular end carefully into the power port.

If the AC adapter is loose, plug the AC adapter into the electrical outlet. If the AC adapter is not loose, test using another electrical outlet.

If the AC adapter is plugged into both the electrical outlet and the power port, the power port on the keyboard may be damaged.

The headphones do not play sound when keys are played

Test headphones using a different device. If no sound is heard through the headphones, replace headphones

Shine a light in the headphone jack to check if there is something lodged. If there is something stuck, remove the object with insulated tweezers.

If the headphones are plugged in but you are still unable to hear sound, the headphone jack may be damaged and need replacing.

The piano keys are stuck up/down

When the keys are dirty, sounds may not be heard when the keys are played. You will need to clean them thoroughly.

Check spaces between keys for any small object preventing upward motion. If there is no visible obstruction, there may be a small object inside of the keyboard causing this jam. See our Key Replacement guide to check under the keys.

Single keys do not produce sound but neighboring keys function properly

Key Contacts

Key contacts are dirty. Cleaning will require opening up the keyboard; see the Key Replacement for further instructions.


Speakers are not receiving power, reference the Speaker Replacement Guide.

Sound is not produced when any keys are played


Check if the volume knob is turned to an audible level. While holding a key down, turn the volume knob clockwise and listen for sound.

Broken Headphones

If the headphones do not work with any other devices, they may need to be replaced.

Jammed Headphone Jack

There may be something lodged in the headphone jack. If so, remove the object with insulated tweezers


If the volume, headphone jack, and headphones all work, the speakers may be broken. Replace the speakers using the Speaker Replacement guide.

Option buttons do not respond when pressed

A loose wire or jammed object may be preventing the buttons from contacting the circuit board. See the Button Panel Replacement guide.

The pitch is not changing when the pitch bend is adjusted.

If the pitch bend is not responding, reference our Pitch Bend Replacement Guide.

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Was playing & keyboard cut out.power off turned back on & won't stay on .it lights up & stays on while finger still on power button but soon as i take of it shuts off .while this happens no sound even pressing keys .. any thoughts ?

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