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BenQ HT1075 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting document will help you diagnose problems with the BenQ HT1075.

Does Not Turn On ¶ 

The projector is not powering on.

The cable is not delivering power to the projector. ¶ 

Check the power cable connections from AC inlet to the projector. Ensure that the power outlets with switches are in the ON position.

The lamp cover is not properly secured. ¶ 

Make sure the lamp cover is attached and secured properly.

The projector is in cooling stage. ¶ 

Wait for the projector to cool as it cannot turn back on during cooling stage. Turn on once it has finished.

Shuts Down While in Use ¶ 

The projector shuts down while being used.

The lamp is damaged or defective (the lamp is the unit of the projector that takes the data and projects the image on to the screen). ¶ 

Replace with the appropriate lamp.

The blower under the lamp is not working properly. ¶ 

Replace the blower fan by first taking the projector apart. If further assistance is needed, contact the manufacturer.

No Picture Appears ¶ 

The projector is not projecting the image.

The video source is connected incorrectly or not turned on. ¶ 

Ensure that the signal cable is properly connected and turn the video source on.

The projector is not connected to the input source properly. ¶ 

Ensure the connection from the projector to video source is correct.

The input source has not been selected. ¶ 

Select the correct source by switching through with the SOURCE key on the projector or perform the same action with the remote control.

Unstable Images ¶ 

The projector is not projecting the proper images or the images are unstable.

The connection cables are not securely connected to the projector or the signal source. ¶ 

Make sure that all of the cables are connected to the appropriate terminals.

Blurry Pictures ¶ 

The images from the projector are blurry and unfocused.

The projection lens is not focused properly. ¶ 

Use the focus ring to readjust the focus of the lens.

The projector and screen are misaligned. ¶ 

Adjust the angle and direction of the projector to align it with the screen. If that doesn’t work, adjust the height of the projector.

The lens cover is still on. ¶ 

Remove the lens cover.

Remote Control Does Not Work ¶ 

The remote control is not performing its designated functions.

The batteries are out of power. ¶ 

Replace both of the used batteries with new ones.

There is an obstacle between the remote control and the projector. ¶ 

Remove the obstacle or place yourself in a position where the obstacle is no longer a problem.

You are too far away from the projector. ¶ 

Move closer to the projector so that it is within the range of the remote.


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