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Apple Time Capsule Model A1254 Troubleshooting

Released 2008, model number A1254

The Time Capsule is hot to the touch.

If the Time Capsule is hot to the the touch or if the fan sounds like it is being overworked, then poor ventilation might be the issue. Check to see that all available vent holes are clear and unobstructed. Be aware of any other devices or objects, such as books and papers, that may come in contact with the Time Capsule’s ventilation. These can add heat to your system or cause low airflow. Finally, inspect the vent holes for dust and particulates as these could reduce airflow to the device. If the vents are clogged then follow this user guide to safely disassemble and clean the Time Capsule. It is important to remember that using compressed air, without opening the device first, could blow dust back into the system, thus causing more problems.

Check to make sure the fan is producing air flow and that the motor can still be heard functioning. If the fan is not making any noise then it may be faulty. To test and replace the internal fan use this guide.

A persistent, flashing amber light on the side of the device.

If the amber light begins to flash, it may be due to the device being new. It is possible that the device was preset in the wrong default settings. Possible issues with a new device can consist of the base board not being configured yet, and to fix this the reset switch can be set. See guide for resetting the base board configuration.

When setting up the device, it is possible that the wrong security configuration setting was set up initially. The ideal security configuration setting that the user wants their device to be in is: WPA2 Personal (AES). If the device does not support that setting, try WPA/WPA2 or WPA Personal (TKIP) as the two, next best choices.

The amber light could be illuminated due to the “disconnected ethernet cable”. Now most of the time the cable isn’t disconnected at all and replugging the ethernet cable in doesn't fix the problem usually. Luckily the Firmware (the software in your Apple Time Capsule) can be changed to an older version. Downgrading the software will fix this problem.

The device will not power or show any sign of booting up

Check to make sure the power supply is connected at the wall, the adapter and the back of the time capsule securely. If everything is connected properly and the light does not turn on the power adapter may be broken. Consider purchasing a new one.

If the power supply is connected to the wall and the light is on the adapter but the device will not turn on, power is not internally reaching the device. Check to make sure there is a clean connection between the adapter and the power port on the back of the device. If properly connected and still no power then the internal power supply may be broken. The internal power supply can be replaced with a guide here

No internet connection when all cables are plugged in

The cable may not be plugged in all the way so check both ends to ensure proper connection to the Time Capsule and the device. If the connection is still unavailable the cable may be faulty so check connection between the device and another device other than the Time Capsule with the cable. Also check the connection between the initial device and the Time Capsule with another ethernet cable. If there is no connection between the two devices connected with the original cable, the cable is faulty which is solved simply with a new cable. If the problem persists between the initial device and the Time Capsule with the new cable, the problem lies in one of the ports.

First try to connect the device to a different port on the Time Capsule, if no connection can be made to the device on the new port, then the first port on the device is the problem with the connection. See our repair guide for how to replace the ethernet ports on the Time Capsule. Warning: The ethernet ports on the Time Capsule are connected so replacing one port will force the replacement of all 4. Consider how necessary all 4 ports are before replacing one.

If switching cables or switching devices fixes the problem then the faulty hardware lies in your initial device. Look on iFixit to see if we have a guide to fix your initial device or contact the manufacturer if your product is still under warranty.

Device immediately shuts down or stops working when power is connected.

If the power adapter is damaged in some way the amperage delivered to the Time Capsule could either be less than needed or more, either way will cause the device to immediately shut down. An easy fix is to simply purchase a new adapter for the device.

Immediate crashes can be caused simply by the internal system messing up. The easy fix is to push the factory reset button with a paperclip or pen which will revert the device to factory settings and updates. If the reset button does not work internal couplings may have disconnected and will need to be reattached before the device will fully boot. See the repair guides for how to disassemble the device to reattach internal components.

If none of the above solutions bring about a fix then the last thing to do is replace the logic board of your device. See the repair guides for a detailed walkthrough of this process.


My time capsule stopped working. I tried everything but it was completely dead so I bought a new power supply on eBay but now the amber light is solid and won't turn green. I've tested the hard drive and it's fine. I've got another new power supply today and still a solid amber light. Any ideas please?

Andrew - Reply

Update: managed to get amber light flashing by holding in reset button when powering up but that's as far as can get, it started making faster amber flash until I restarted now back to solid amber. Seems like green light isn't working only the amber. Any ideas what to try next?

Andrew -

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