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Amazon FireTV Stick Not Recognized by Device ¶ 

There is a Blank screen on my TV or my device is not responding to the Amazon FireTV stick

Loose Physical Connection or Low Charge ¶ 

Double check that the stick is firmly inserted all the way into your TV's HDMI port. If the fireTV stick still doesn't show up on the device when plugged in, make sure that the stick has been fully charged using the provided USB charger.

Faulty Motherboard ¶ 

If the Amazon fireTV stick is still not working this may mean the motherboard is faulty and needs to be replaced. Do this only as a last resort.

The guide can be found by clicking on this link. for the remote motherboard.

This guide will go through access and the replacement of the stick motherboard. Click here.

Amazon FireTV Remote Won't Communicate with Stick ¶ 

Remote does not seem to be working or I have an unresponsive screen

The best thing to start with will be to reboot and re-pair both devices. Power off the Amazon fireTV stick by unplugging it, and powering it back on. Be sure that the Amazon fireTV stick is fully charged, Then hold the home button for 5-10 seconds to pair the remote again.

Low Batteries ¶ 

Replace the batteries in the remote. Inspect the spring under the battery to ensure that the battery makes full contact with the metal . To access a guide to access the batteries and replacement procedures follow this link.

Faulty Remote Buttons ¶ 

If the remote buttons seem to be getting stuck or are not working properly, Replace the buttons on the remote. A guide is available by clicking on the following link.

Video but No Sound from Device ¶ 

My FireTV is showing video but I am getting no sound from my FireTV stick on device

Receiving Device is Muted ¶ 

Start by making sure the receiving device is not muted by checking the volume settings.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is Not Compatible with External Speakers ¶ 

The TV stick may not be compatible with external speakers. Try switching your audio settings to default.

Incorrect Audio Settings ¶ 

To make sure the audio settings on your FireTV stick are correct, go to the Home Screen (Pressing the Home button on the Remote), enter into Settings, select the Dolby Digital Output option and make sure that Dolby Digital Plus is set to off.

Faulty HDMI Port ¶ 

In order to check that the HDMI port is working properly, try plugging the TV Stick into another device. If there is still no sound, your TV Stick may have a faulty HDMI port.

Why is there no answers about the power port? Where the power cable goes: the connection has come off? Where can I get it fixed?

jclewis5 - Reply

We still have no audio even with changing the Dolby Digital to off. Sny suggestions?

Jonnie Dorsey - Reply

Hello Jonnie, my name is Kym,

did you ever get your voulme to work?, because mine is still not working either even when I did what you did.

Any suggestions?

Thank You

KyTtY KyM WeBb -

My firestick works in one hdmi on my big TV. I moved it to a different smaller tv many times and it always worked. Out of nowhere it is just a black screen saying no connection on the small tv. What do I do? I've tried unplugging it and both hdmi ports...please help!!!

kozlowski_jillian - Reply

Did you get help with your question? I'm having same issue.

denverbodnar -

I am wondering the same thing, if there is an answer to this problem? I am able to use the firestick on my bigger flat screens but once I move it into my bedroom it will load as far as to the Amazon logo then I recieve a black screen afterwards. I followed the steps to troubleshoot it but nothing has worked yet

lishawicks -

I too am having the same issue. All I keep getting is the No Signal pop up. The thing is, I have never removed the fire stick and it does it to me for days on end almost every other month. It will work for awhile and then the pop starts coming. I didn’t get cable because I had the fire stick but now we’re not watching anything. It’s so beyond odd and I can’t find an answer. Does anyone know what to do?

Deon Taylor -

Boots up but can't use remote to select film or select anything have even changed batteries for new ones & still don't work

mark_wright6 - Reply

You can use your smart phone as a remote...Google tv

paulstevenson3 -

My problem is it says can't load data check your connection what do I do?

michellebarton57mb - Reply

I looked at all the explanations about the video without sound and none of them apply to me. I set it up with my TV only, and I've actually tried to mute and unmute my TV to see if it would work, but it didn't, and my HDMI is perfectly fine. It has been inspected, and me and my family don't even touch that back there because there is no need. I've checked the settings and messed with the Dolby digital plus on and off and even automatic. None has worked for me. By any chance do you guys know a way to fix it?

Denisio Matranga - Reply

I figured it out.

I just completely turned off Dolby digital plus and rebooted it. It was on automatic before so I don't know why it stopped working all of a sudden. This worked for me.

Denisio Matranga - Reply

I have the top menue saying HOME, YOUR VIDEO ETC. there are 3 white dots at the bottom of my screen on the right hand side that flash but its still not loading. What do I do?

gurubryan - Reply

Hold down the Select button for 5 seconds to put the remote into pair mode. Hold down the Select + Play buttons together for 5 seconds to Restart the device. Restart the device: Settings > System > Restart, then once restarted unplug the power cable for 5 seconds then plug back in.30 Sep 2015

Wendy jefferson -

Mine is doing the same thing. It will go screen to screen then say loading home... at the bottom right but it just keeps going through the same cycle over and over.

Shane Nixon -

my fire stick showed a screen that says i need to set a amazon account, why now? its over a year old but has been fine,i cant get it to go back to anything,what do i do?

kienne_kaufman - Reply

U have to pay once a year to use amazon, maybe u never paid at renewal?

Wendy jefferson -

I was using the stick fine on my Samsung tv for around 3 months and then all of a sudden in displays a grey/white amazon logo on startup and then nothing. If I press the select button a couple of times I can hear it loading apps/shows in the background but no picture! I've tested it on a different tv upstairs (also Samsung) and it works fine.

I've purchased a second stick and it is having exactly the same issues with the tv downstairs. HDMI cable is fine as I've tested it with the laptop. Anyone else having a similar issue?!

Gareth Herbert - Reply

Yes! Did you get any advice on how to remedy?

Amy marsden -

Same issue here, but with a Roku insignia tv

lyricabrams06 -

The power port (micro usb is damaged - any info on where I can tack sollder power connections?

bartmccormick - Reply

After watching fire stick t.v. for a while the t.v. would say the fire stick is too hot a few minutes later the t.v. would shut off. A thermometer would be on the t.v. The t.v. would then shut down . I would have to reboot the fire stick. I am not sure what is going on.


It's too hot. It's being overused. You have to let it cool down for a while. An iphone does the same thing when It gets too hot… Which is usually from leaving it inside a car or something, but that's what it is.

Loretta Frey -

Trying to watch a movie and it's saying I have to authorize something and pair device it worked yesterday but now it's not

Paje fayette - Reply

Mine is saying optimizing system storage and applications and when it finishes it reboots and keeps doing the same thing over and over again

Zane Drohan - Reply

Did you get this resolved? I'm having the same problem...

R. Conrad -

same thing i need help

Tracy King -

Just got this and plugged it in nothing happens

Elizabeth Ponte - Reply

You have to go into your TV settings and set it up with whatever HDMI port you're using

Loretta Frey -

I have the same issue and I did that and it did not solve the issue…any other suggestions?

Tammy l -

I get the little question mark in a circle with two dots next to it...cannot get live tv anymore and many other things.. I hv the gorilla?..

twtynme - Reply

I have triggered d all of these suggestions. After a Comcast system e boot, my SamsungLCDtv does not recognize fire stick...BUT, Comcast ,s system does! New batteries, all around time outs done. This problem is as initiated by a Comcast Initiated supper increase/reboot. But Comcast system & reception on all other devices are fine. Need help on reinstallation. Followed initial procedure and other install suggestions.

karenweederrooney - Reply

Sorry about the Kindle's edits. Hope it's understandable.

karenweederrooney - Reply

Wow. Got it. Follow the Hagrid says.

karenweederrooney - Reply


My Amazon fire stick wont connect to the remote phone app as i have lost my control.

How would i be able to re pair my phone and firestick from a fresh

Lynsey Horridge - Reply

My Amazon Fire TV stick doesn't work. I plug into my HDMI tv and

power up. My screen shows only the " Search Icon - Home - Your Videos - TV - Apps - Settings. All in the top of the screen. I click on Home nothing opens up, Click on Your Videos, nothing, Click on TV nothing. Click on Apps nothin. Then I click on Settings it opens up. I can go through all the steps and get into Exodus and watch a movie. I have Kodi Jarvis 16.1. I wanted to update to Kodi Kypton 17.0 and then go up to version 17.3. My problem is I can't get anything to work I could upgrade Kodi! Have any ideas to help me?

John - Reply

What dose the question mark means

leachaw - Reply

My Fire TV Stick keeps cycling through "resetting your fire tv stick" page over and over again. Any one else have or had this issue?

Kevin Harvey - Reply

I just started getting that on mine today. For me, after a few cycles it brings up a screen that says "Optimizing system storage and applications..." Takes a few minutes to run through that and then the whole process starts over again.

Jeff Bulick -

Mine is doing that as well…. What did u do to fix it

Rhonda -

My firestick keep powering off, how do I fix

Rhonda -

Mine did this and and now is completely dead any ideas what happened??

Kristy Fisher -

when the unit warms up, any button I press causes a reset back to the home screen. I press a button and it restarts again. I'm guessing the unit is shot.

James Johnston - Reply

My amazon fire tv stick not support audio in my tv what i do ?

suresh babu - Reply

Hi I have done all of the above and still I only have picture and no volume help - thanks

burt.costello - Reply

Same here...any resolution?

Loretta Frey -

my main LG T.V doesn't produce any sound from the T.V or the LG surround sounds system when using the fire tv stick. to the lg surround system I'm using a optical lead. all works through my sky system. took the fire stick to my other LG t.v in the kitchen with my Bose surround sound and works fine on both setups? going back to the main lounge t.v I have unplugged the sky box connection and surround sound so it is just the stick plugged in but still nothing. unplugged and reset t.v and again nothing.. what am I missing any ideas please??

james percival - Reply

My firestick restarted and the remote will not work and we also downloaded the amazon remote app on my phone and it won't show me my firestick name can you tell me how to fix that

Dushawn Pitchford - Reply

The amazon fire stick won't respond with the remote!!! I have googled things and gotten nothing!!! I rebooted it like you said and now it is on the picture display thingy. I don't know what to do because you people at amazon think you are so perfect! You think that none of your devices or things are going to malfunction, but boy are you wrong. I am never going to buy another amazon item ever again.

Quinn - Reply

Did you change the batteries?

Loretta Frey -

Try downloadingthe app on ypur phone. Your fire stick and app have ti be connected onto the same wifi account in order to work.

delia060810 -

Why dose my tv keeps showing the words amazon, then fire stick, but the fire stick is not opening up?

Tracy Craig - Reply

I am facing this issue since two weeks now. Did you manage to find a fix to the problem? Could you share the solution, please?

dibya mishra -

Hi Tracy, I purchased the firestick and having the same problem you were. I was wondering if you found out what the fix is for this problem? Thanks in advance.

Tee Williams -

You can restart your fire stick by pressing the home screen and play button at the same time. I had the same issue at one point and unplugged it for a bit before trying again.

Hope it helps!

delia060810 -

Just plug in my new fire stick and nothing comes up.

Jamie Cherry - Reply

I updated my firestick. Now when I go to Kodi it says your library is currently empty and to select from enter files section or remove this main menu item

Donna mayle - Reply

My fire stick recently stopped working , I removed it from my tv when I tried to plug it back in the power cord to the fore stick didn't fit however, I ordered another power cord and that one doesn't work neither. I am wondering what should I do at this point or do I just buy a new fire stick

Galen Lloyd - Reply

On fire stick with no sound:

Go to HOME- SETTINGS - DISPLAY & SOUNDS - AUDIO - DOLBY DIGITAL OUTPUT - DOLBY DIGITAL OVER HDMI is what should be checked off - been playing with it with different settings and got my sound to work using this finally - Amazon Prime Movies would not play sound no matter what - this is the fix!

JayJay - Reply

I reset my fire stick to factory default and now it won't pair I have been trying for two days I have tried everything help please!!!

Rhonda - Reply

Trying too watch movies or shows it said no data

kim wheeler - Reply

amazon firetv stick is one of the best online tv player so any problem check this url

opera mani - Reply

I have to continuously restart my fire stick as it keeps crashing with various different problems that effects all installed apps also sometimes does not respond to remote control even with new batteries only removing the mains power and reconnecting the power clears the problem for about a hour then again the remote fails to function and again I have to remove mains power the stick also seems to get very hot even when in sleep condition

Gary Barnacle - Reply

My Apple TV works fine with my wifi but the fire stick cant play even a trailer, says ‘your devices available internet bandwidth is too low for uninterrupted streaming .’ But then even when you click watch anyways it never plays.!?

Breanne - Reply

Did you receive a fix for this? I am having the same issue.

Lynda Kosnik -

Unplugged my TV and fire TV stick to move to a new TV stand. When I plugged it all back in I now have no audio. I am now getting a message that says I need to plug into “the Audio 3 jack for DVI". The HDMI port I'm plugged in to is a DVI port. There is no other cord r port on the fire TV stick to use? When I plugged into another HDMI port on my TV I get the same message. I have good quality video… no audio… help?!

Sherwood - Reply

No audio except for Alexa, only video I get is the screensaver, looks for what I ask for, but only shows outlines of the icons and does not allow me to navigate from there. My device is less than 2 months old. Any ideas?

Penny Rachiell - Reply

Hi I have just purchased a fire stick. Entered all the relevant details but keeps taking me back to the beginning asking me to “ENTER THE CHARACTERS AS THEY ARE SHOWN IN THE IMAGE” I have done!!! But it won't recognise my name!

Adam yeomans - Reply

on my firestick I keep getting a black box in the top left corner sometimes it fills the whole screen can anyone help pls..

ian bennett - Reply

My fire stick worked for about 3 months then it started shutting down and restarting every 3 or 4 minutes. I figured out that it was overheating if I let it cool completely (stuck it in the freezer) it would run for about a half an hour then do the reset thing again. I opened it up and the circuit board has a large flat piece of metal that is supposed to be a heat sink it obviously isn’t large enough. I purchased on Amazon the following heat sink parts

I stuck as many as would fit on the heat sink in the fire stick (you have to leave the case off) and watched 4 hours of movies without interruption. I unplug the power cord when I’m not using it so it doesn’t have a chance to overheat when I don’t need it.

Norm Kirchner - Reply

Ok I had a problem where my mum gave me a fire stick that had previously been installed with kodi ,

it was old .

i wiped it as clean I could but it kept coming up with error

cannot connect to home

all you’ve got to do is ..

go to system

go settings


check system updates ! Boom

lezlefort - Reply

and like the post so I can see how many people I’ve helped !

lezlefort - Reply

Hi I put share it app on my firestick. Now it won't open beyond no internet . I tried r/button and return. Did not reset. Any suggestions.

Paul Kearney - Reply

my fire stick works in a new tv .but in the older panasonic plasma with a hdmi convertor keeps coming on then off saying no signal any ideas

Bod A - Reply

My firestick want show wen I go to the apps it just brows

Timothy Triggs - Reply

My firestick want show we I go to the apps it just brows

Timothy Triggs - Reply

Hi my firestick is just black nothing on screen been having it a while never happened before am i suppose to charge it

bertha darwin - Reply

My tv has wide diagonal color lines. I have tried unplugging, resetting the firestick, replaced batteries. Once in awhile I can see words in the background, then they disappears.  It worked when I first got it, almost 12 months ago. Any suggestions?

William Tozer - Reply

Why is ITV not compatible in my area.

elizabeth deans - Reply

what happen to my signal, and why can’t i get it back

michelle farmer - Reply

lost signal, checked all my connections. was working fine for last three months…help

michelle farmer - Reply

me too. Bought it yesterday, plugged it in got it all working, then suddenly today all i get when i unplug and replug it in is the Amazon logo then the screen flashes and then goes blank and nothing else happens. Is anyone else getting this and had anyone found a solution? Very odd.

Steven Hunt -

New to Firestick. When watching a TV Program (like Monk), after watching the first episode of a season then I can’t get it to move to the other episodes from that season, no matter what I choose. Any one have this problem and then figured it out?

Steve Blakeman - Reply

I’m new to Firestick. Here’s my problem: when watching a TV Program (such as Monk), after viewing the first episode of any season, I then try to watch additional episodes of that season but no matter what I do, the first episode keeps appearing. What am I doing wrong?

Steve Blakeman - Reply

My Fire Stick will play sound for some shows and not others. It will play the sound on the trailer then when you start the show there is no sound but the movie is playing.

donna elam - Reply

With my Firestick connected but with the source as “TV” every 20mins or so the picture will switch to the HDMI Anazon screen

With the Television on stand by during the night the Firestic switches on the TV to and Amazon Screen??

Leslie G Kirk - Reply

I am having the same problem with a refurbished 2nd Gen. fire tv stick changing from one input to another every 20 minutes. Used an older fire tv stick for years with no problem, now this. Anybody else seen this behavior? Any ideas other than powering off the fire tv stick when watching anything else?

Bruce Kupka -

I've just moved house, the firestick was working in the old house it's not even showing up on screen in the new one, what am I doing wrong?

Fiona payne - Reply

After a reboot I get the word amazon come up on the tv screen then it is blank. Took the batteries out, tried different hdmi ports, still nothing, it's not even a month old

Kim - Reply

My microphone won’t work on my fire stick. What did I do??

Grace Langfield - Reply

I can't get any movies,not even from the 80s. Not from covenant,exodus,Phoenix ect! I'm read to get rid of this

Cindy - Reply

I can't get any movie channels,covenat,exodus,Phoenix ect,can't even watch any 1980s movies,I'm ready to get rid of this firestick!

Cindy - Reply

My Firestick will connect to every tv in the house except one and shows ‘no signal’ what can i do?

Val Noakes - Reply

My problem is every time I get to the part to download from rip files it won’t do it what’s the problem???

Butch Baker - Reply

I can’t get it to download from zip files

Butch Baker - Reply

My firestick says it is connected to wi-fi, signal strength very good, channel 6 quality good, not connected th of the internet. I restarted router and modem,I contacted internet provider,all working but I can not get firestick to work. Any suggestions?

punkypo01 - Reply

Firestick says connected to WiFi signal strength very good Channel 6 quality good not connected to the internet. I rebooted my modem and my router and contacted the internet provider said all was working well. Except for firestick. Any suggestions?

punkypo01 - Reply

My firestick keeps shutting itself off saying no signal check input connection. It restarts i restart the show i was watching and after a while it repeats shutting off. Any ideas why?

Jennifer Shew - Reply

Comcast did a power reboot did that screw up my fire stick?

Kimberly R Peterson - Reply

fire stick keeps dropping the connection on HULU, pandora, CBS

Boo - Reply

fire stick keeps dropping the connection on HULU, pandora, CBS…

My internet download is 10.55….

Im ready to ………….

Boo - Reply

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