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ATT EL52300 Troubleshooting

No Dial Tone ¶ 

The phone does not have a dial tone when calling.

Faulty Telephone Line Cord ¶ 

Check to see if the cord is plugged in correctly. If it is, try plugging the cord into another telephone. If the issue still persists, the telephone line cord may be defective. Consider installing a new cord.

Defective Wall Jack ¶ 

If replacing the telephone line cord does not resolve the issue, the wall jack may be defective. Consider using a different wall jack in your home or contacting your telephone service provider.

Battery Depleted ¶ 

Ensure that the battery is fully charged. If this does not solve the issue, you may need to install a new battery. Refer to the ATT EL52300 Battery Replacement.

Hardware/Software Issues ¶ 

The system may encounter hardware or software errors. To resolve this, reset the telephone base by unplugging the power for 15 seconds. Afterwards, plug it back in and wait approximately one minute for the base and telephone to reset.

Noise/Static Near Telephone Base ¶ 

There is static on the phone when near the telephone base.

DSL Internet Service ¶ 

If you have subscribed for a telephone line through a DSL internet service, the DSL signal can cause static and noise. Install a DSL filter between the wall jack and the telephone line cord to prevent problems created by DSL interference.

Base Installed Near Electronic Devices ¶ 

If the telephone base is installed near electronic devices (e.g. computers, routers, microwaves), they can cause interference with the telephone. Move the base far from electronic devices to prevent interference.

Poor Reception ¶ 

Move the telephone base to a higher location to receive better reception and prevent static.

Faulty House Phone Wiring ¶ 

If other telephones have the same issue in your home, the issue is with the wiring in your home or the telephone service. Contact your telephone service provider.

Poor Sound Quality With Speakerphone ¶ 

Can’t hear the speakerphone, no matter how close you are to the phone.

Handset Location ¶ 

Place the handset on a flat surface with the dial pad facing up to improve sound quality.

Controlling Background Noise ¶ 

Controlling the background noise in your environment is very important. When listening to your person, press mute/delete to temporarily turn your microphone off and then turn it back on to speak.

Excessive Background Noise ¶ 

Background noise will often cause the speakerphone to fade in and out. Turn off any audio devices near the speakerphone and listen to the person on the other side of the conversation.

Handset Speaker Faulty ¶ 

Refer to the ATT EL52300 Speaker Replacement.

Batteries Hold No Charge, or Reduced Charge ¶ 

Batteries are losing charge quickly.

Charge Light ¶ 

Check to see if the charge light is off when the handset is in the base. If so, refer to the charge light is off section.

Battery Depleted ¶ 

Charge the battery in the cordless handset for at least 18 hours and return the phone to the base when not in use. If this does not resolve the issue, you may need to purchase a new battery. Refer to the ATT EL52300 Battery Replacement.

Charge Light is Off ¶ 

When the phone is plugged into charge, the charge light does not light up.

Power Cord Not Plugged ¶ 

Even the slightest disconnection to the outlet can affect the charge light status. To fix this, make sure that the cord is plugged in fully and securely.

Electrical Power Disconnection ¶ 

The electrical power sometimes needs to be reconnected after prolonged use. Unplug the electrical power, and wait fifteen seconds. Then plug back in the power supply and wait 60 seconds for the phone to reset.

Battery Not Installed Correctly ¶ 

Often times, the battery gets jolted from its compartment or was never installed correctly in the first place, making the charge light impossible to come on. The solution is simple: correctly install the battery! Refer to the ATT EL52300 Battery Replacement.

Handset and Telephone Base Contacts are Dirty ¶ 

It is not uncommon for dust to build up on the charging contacts of both the headset and base. Fixing this concern requires a scrubbing of the phone and handset base with a cloth or pencil eraser.

Keypad is Unresponsive ¶ 

After pushing on the keypads for the -ith time, they still seem to be unresponsive.

Battery Not Installed Correctly ¶ 

Often times, the battery gets jolted from its compartment or was never installed correctly in the first place, making the keypad sensors unable to respond. Install, or reinstall the battery to its seat. Refer to the ATT EL52300 Battery Replacement.

Lodged Particles ¶ 

Food and dust particles have an adverse effect on the keypads causing them to not push down properly or disrupting the connection between the circuits. Fixing this problem requires a gentle cleaning of the keypads within the open spaces with water and cotton swabs.

Malfunctioning of Keys ¶ 

Refer to the ATT EL52300 Keypad/Plastic Display Screen Replacement.

Hear Other Calls on Telephone ¶ 

When you hear other calls on your line.

Base Connection Wiring ¶ 

Disconnect the base from the wall jack and plug it into another phone. If the calls still persist, then the problems lies in either the wiring or phone service. Contact your service provider for more information.

Handset reads “Out of range” or “NO POWER AT BASE” ¶ 

Instead of properly connecting, your handset reads “out of range” or “NO POWER AT BASE”

Power Supply to Base ¶ 

Make sure that the power adapter for the base is properly plugged into both the wall socket and the base. Should problems persist, try to check if the wall outlet is running properly. With the adapter unplugged from both the wall and the base, ensure that the power adapter cable isn’t damaged. After this, plug back in the base and check to see if it connects properly to your handsets. After this, press the on button to activate the base.

Incorrect Phone Base ¶ 

Your three handset telephone comes with a main base, as well as two charging cradles. Only the base itself can be used to communicate through your handsets. The charging cradles are different from the base, in that they have no exterior buttons. The base must be plugged in for the phone system to operate properly.

Electronic Interference ¶ 

Determine if the handset can communicate with the base when they are in the same room, without any obstacles in between. After this, check and see if there are any HAM radios or other DECT phones in your house. These can cause interference for your phone system.

Battery in Handset ¶ 

To fix this, first take the back panel off of the handset, and ensure that the battery is properly seated in its socket. After this, check the screen to ensure that the battery is properly charged. If the screen ether shows low battery content or won’t turn on whatsoever, try and charge your handset on either the base or the charging cradles.

If the issue is not resolved, refer to the ATT EL52300 Battery Replacement.

Cordless Handset isn’t Performing Normally ¶ 

Your cordless handset just isn’t acting like it normally should!

Handset Battery Not Charged ¶ 

First, take out your battery, and wait about fifteen seconds. After this, securely reinsert the battery, then place your handset in its charger for a while. If the phone doesn’t charge, the battery might be low. Ensure that the battery is fully charged. If this does not resolve the issue, consider installing a new battery and refer to the ATT EL52300 Battery Replacement.

Handset Communication Issues ¶ 

The handset can de-synchronize from the telephone base. Try putting the handset in the cradle of the base for about a minute so the two can pair together. For more information on contact between the handset and the base, please refer to “My handset reads “Out of range” or “NO POWER AT BASE””.

Faulty Motherboard ¶ 

Due to personal use, or faulty factory conditions, your phone’s motherboard might not be doing its job anymore. If this is the case, refer to the ATT EL52300 Motherboard Replacement.

Handset LCD screen is not functioning ¶ 

If the LCD screen is not displaying properly or is hard to read then the easiest solution is to replace the LCD specifically. Refer to the ATT EL52300 LCD Screen on Handset Replacement for more help.

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