JBL Charge 3 Sounds Distorted

JBL Charge 3 Sounds Distorted

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Does your JBL Charge 3 speaker produce a distorted sound? JBL Charge 3 speakers are susceptible to a range of problems that could cause them to produce distorted or muffled sounds. Check the following possible causes to identify and solve the problem.



The JBL Charge 3 speaker has multiple audio presets that can be accidentally activated. Try resetting the speaker by turning on the device and pressing and holding the “volume up” and “play/pause” buttons until the power button glows. JBL recommends that you keep your speaker in the preset mode for normal listening.


If the device does not hold a charge for long, consider replacing the battery. It is possible that the a bad battery is causing the speaker to underperform at loud volume levels, not the speakers.


If you have checked that the speaker is in the correct audio mode, the speakers may be faulty. If music with heavy bass is played at high volumes excessively, the speakers can fail. Be sure to play music with heavy bass at lower volumes to avoid damage to your speaker. Use the JBL Charge 3 Speaker Replacement guide to replace the device’s speakers.

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