JBL Charge 3 Ports Don’t Work

JBL Charge 3 Ports Don’t Work

Arielle Sampson and 2 contributors
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Do your JBL Charge 3 speaker’s ports no longer work? Does either charging your device, using the device as a charger, or using an audio cable not work? JBL Charge 3 speakers are susceptible to a range of problems that could cause the speaker’s port to stop working. Check the following possible causes to identify and solve the problem.



If your JBL Charge 3 speaker is not charging, you cannot use the device as a charger, or the audio cable function does not work, the problem could be the cable itself. Check that any cable you are attempting to use works with another device. Also, try using a different cable with your speaker, and see if the problem persists.


If the cables are not at fault, the ports may be to blame. If one of the three ports will not work with its functioning cable, see the JBL Charge 3 Port Bay Replacement guide to replace the ports.

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