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This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Microsoft Surface Pro 7, use our service manual.

    Final Thoughts
    • To the extent that screws are used, they are all standard Torx fasteners.
    • All repairs require first removing the display assembly—which is stubbornly glued in place, expensive, and prone to shattering.
    • The battery is also firmly glued in place, requiring tons of heat and prying or solvents to remove.
    • The RAM, SSD and CPU are all soldered to the motherboard. Replacing any of those components requires a full motherboard replacement.
    Repairability Score
    Repairability 1 out of 10
    (10 is easiest to repair)


that is disappointing. Had small camera issue and just received another device in Microsoft store as warranty case

Yakauleu Aliaksandr - Reply

Hi, What is the bluetooth module on surfece pro 7?

John Ostrowski - Reply

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