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This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your LG G3, use our service manual.

  1. Remove back cover by fingernail easily.
    • Remove back cover by fingernail easily.

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  2. Remove battery.
    • Remove battery.

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    • Remove these 12 screws and remove the back frame. Unlike iPhones, these screws are all the same length. The top part of the frame comes with the power button flex while the bottom part of the frame comes with loudspeaker.

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    • Remove the black, shorter screw and pry up the power & volume button flex cover.

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    • Carefully loosen the power/volume flex from its adhesive.

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    • And finally, remove the flex.

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
    Get $12 off your purchase of $50 or more with code FIXMAS12
    • Release the digitizer and LCD connectors. The two cameras are held slightly in the frame. Carefully remove the motherboard with cameras.

    It was easier to remove the two connectors to cameras on the top to remove the motherboard, than forcing the motherboard out with the two cameras still attached.

    Georgi Ikonomov - Reply

    • Remove rear camera from motherboard.

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    • And next, remove front camera.

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    • Remove signal cable.

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    • Remove vibration motor.

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    • Remove earpiece speaker.

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    • Remove headphone jack.

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    • First, loosen the screen flex from the adhesive on the plate. Then heat the screen edges to melt the adhesive sticker. Next, use the guitar picks and opening tools to cut the sticker.

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    • At last, remove the LCD screen.

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    • LG G3 teardown is done.

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Are you able to put it back together?

Ivan Gergi - Reply

Yes the are surprisingly easy to put back together

Hunter destroyer unit -

I have one that is not booting at all. Before that, If it was shut off or if the battery was drained completely it would not power up, even if the battery was at 100%. I would have to remove the battery and hold the power button down for at least 30 seconds. That is not working anymore, it just ill not power on. This reminds me of issues with laptops that typically involve a CMOS battery that is dead or very low. Is there a similar battery (that can be reasonably replaced) in a phone? For it to keep time and retain certain firmware settings I would think there would have to be something like that in there somewhere....

boxfreind - Reply

Hi boxfreind, i've had a similar issue as of heaps of people (search youtuble for blue screen of death). i too thought of the old laptop days of cmos battery and before i seen this site i thought that vibrator motor was the battery lol. anyway, i cant boot my Lg up after 1 year of service (just like many others). people adivse that trying to remove the motherboard and 'clean it' tends to work... i didn't think that was the reason and thought perhaps removing the motherboard was just actually disconnecting the battery from the motherboard to drain the power... but alas, if no battery CMOS then that cant be the reason.

madmac -

quite easy to remove the back , thanks!

Mie Mohd - Reply

I bought a frame and screen assembly, so I had to remove the cameras, earpiece, and additional board at bottom of phone in the process. upon reassembly the screen works great, audio output is fine, although I have to replace the earpiece speaker. Blue-tooth headset connects. but the mic on the phone and on my blue-tooth headset no longer work, any suggestions?

David T - Reply

this really is a good phone for the current price and as a phone reviewer that has many phones and will be getting my google marlin soon i have plenty of quality phones and yet my daily driver is still the lg g3 because i can't be bothered setting up a new phone and there is nothing overly off putting about the lg g3 other than the outdated os but mine runs cyanogen mod which i like better than all other os skins

Joshua jacob - Reply

HI i have problem with GPS, it take ages to fix and even then it looses fix constantly. Is it possible that this is because of GPS antenna? Where is GPS antenna located ? THX!

Tomasz Stawarz - Reply

i open the power button/volume bezel n see no sensor pads. Only a few black marks.

The middle button has no black sensor pad mark at u think my problem keep the device power on related to power button

sensor pad wear out.

which part i should order ?

joe - Reply

I am sure my LTE module is defect, 3G works. Which part do I need to change? Is it the whole motherboard?

sebroy - Reply

What is the part number of the Bluetooth Chip here?Manufacturer?

Raul Piper - Reply

Has anyone replaced the power cord plug-in port? I just bought one on this site and will want to know how to remove old/install new piece. Thanks for any advice.

James McKelvey - Reply

Hello, If I buy a motherboard from the other side of the world, would it work in my phone or is there any "Region thing"?

Cicero Tiago - Reply

We are having issues with screen flickering and turning to black. Its not the screen itself but I have been told its the GPU/CPU? I do have a sparge LG3. Thank you for the diagram now I feel confidant taking it apart. Where would the piece I need to replace be located?

lori_oreo - Reply

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