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  • Answer to: USB port replacement issue

    The two soft keys are included in the USB assembly such as http://www.witrigs.com/oem-charging-port-flex-assembly-for-samsung-galaxy-s5-sm-g900m, so don't need to worry too much.
  • Answer to: Use m7 front cam for htc one x?

    No, you can't use HTC One M7 front camera on HTC One X. They feature different specifications, so i suppose the motherboard can't support.
  • Answer to: Having trouble with the finger scanner

    Try to reset all the information about the touch ID such as record the fingerprints again.
  • Answer to: Rear camera lens is cracked!

    The replacement part: camera lens only http://www.witrigs.com/custom-camera-lens-for-lg-nexus-5 whole assembly: http://www.amazon.com/Chassis-Housing-Camera-Replacement-Googls/dp/B00H4LWTOI The repair guide: Nexus 5 Motherboard Securing Plate
  • Answer to: Screen Flickering weeks after it was dropped!

    First, try to reconnect LCD screen connectors. If can't solve the problem, i suppose the screen has been damaged.
  • Answer to: How can I fix my broken Micro-USB charging port?

    Yes, it's possible to change the charging port only and you actually need to solder it on the existing motherboard.
  • Answer to: how/where to replace scratched silver frame

    You can see the step 1 to step 27 of this replace guide Samsung Galaxy S5 Micro-USB Port Daughterboard Replacement, it's the best safe way to replace S5 mid-frame. And the most difficult and need to be careful part is to remove LCD screen. If you are careful and skilled enough, you can replace it yourself.If you can't do it, you can send it to the repair center.
  • Answer to: screen starts rolling the turns black

    Check the connectors to see if it gets loosen and replug it. If can't solve the problem, you need check the screen and motherboard.
  • Answer to: Which kind of adhesive is used and where do I buy it?

    The adhesive between screen and midframe is this one http://www.witrigs.com/oem-front-screen-adhesive-for-samsung-galaxy-s5. But if you have disassemble the phone, you'd better be careful with the water even with this adhesive. The phone you DIY repair can't be same with the one came from professional machine.
  • Answer to: Guide to replace the middle frame

    Replace Z3 mid-frame need to disassemble all the components such as screen, back cover, battery, flex cables and motherboard and so on. It nearly is a teardown. So you can do the replacement as the video Sony Xperia Z3 teardown.