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This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Huawei P8 Lite, use our service manual.

Remove the SIM & SD card trays first.
  • Remove the SIM & SD card trays first.

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Remove the battery door—it's fastened tightly by clips. Free the clips with your fingernail or a pry tool.
  • Remove the battery door—it's fastened tightly by clips. Free the clips with your fingernail or a pry tool.

    • Be careful because the midframe is easily scratched, and the glass at the top of the battery door is easily broken.

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One love - Reply

preheat the back cover

Claudiu Nistor - Reply

  • Remove the torx screws on the back.

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  • Remove the loudspeaker by prying it up with a spudger.

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  • Remove the securing brackets covering the motherboard.

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  • Carefully release all the connectors on the board, and remove the motherboard.

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  • Remove the rear camera and front camera.

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khairilairil16 - Reply

  • Remove the power flex.


Ma L'adesivo nero sul retro della batteria ha qualche importanza particolare?

Mario - Reply

Credo sia un dissipatore, non penso sia un problema

robylongoni95 - Reply

  • Remove the battery. There is strong adhesive under the battery—work carefully to pry it free and be careful not to puncture the battery.

    • Try an iOpener or hairdryer to heat the adhesive behind the battery. This softens the adhesive, making it easier to release the battery.

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  • Remove the motor vibrator.

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  • Remove the sensor flex. It's covered under the digitizer flex and fastened by adhesive.

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  • Remove the earpiece speaker.

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  • Heat, cut the adhesive sticker and remove the screen carefully.

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  • You're done!

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Ciao ma la pistrina nera sulla batteria da dove posso comprarla? Perché mi è arrivato un terminale con il flat tagliato della pistrina e dovrei sostiturila.. Oppure può farne ammeno e cambio solo la batteria?

vito - Reply

thank you, its inspirating

buchta - Reply

Hello, I completed this repair and now the back-light is not working. Any suggestions? Know where I could locate a diagram of this board? TIA

beck74 - Reply

THis mobile audio ic for main speaker need information. because audio is full off on my phone but buzzer is health and good please help me but handset and small speaker are working

mohandes - Reply

Sir sent me p8 lite LCD light track

umarshazad001 - Reply

P8 lite lcd light sulution

umarshazad001 - Reply

Can you help me please. Do you know where is the wifi antenna?

Jose Bolanos - Reply

my phone fell into an oil pan and know i m feeling problems with camera .. calls and screen if i do this all will my phone be fine again ..


Nida Ali - Reply

Thank you very much for this excellent tear-down. It made it possible for me to change the battery on this model. It took me 90 minutes to do it.

Leopold Birkholm - Reply

what is the name of the black plastic (T shape) that covers the volume flex cable.... Thanks for your helpful information

Osman - Reply

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