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Guide Image

LG G4 Battery Replacement

This guide will explain how to replace the battery in the LG G4.

Guide Image

LG G4 Motherboard Replacement

If your LG G4 is not working properly and you have concluded that the issue...

Guide Image

LG G4 Speaker Replacement

If you are experiencing audio problems and you have concluded that your...

Guide Image

LG G4 Back Cover Replacement

If you need to open the back of your device, this guide will help you through...

Guide Image

LG G4 Headphone Port Replacement

If the headphone port on your device isn't functioning properly, or not...

Guide Image

LG G4 Rear Camera Replacement

If the rear camera in your LG G4 is no longer functioning, this guide will...

Guide Image

LG G4 Front Camera Replacement

If the front camera on your LG G4 is not working properly, this guide will...