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UMass Dartmouth, Team 1-5, Miles Fall 2015

We are a team of Engineering students working on troubleshooting pages for IFXIT. This project is part of our school curriculum.

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Battsooj Bayarsaikhan - I am in my junior year of Electrical Engineering at UMass

Dartmouth who follows my obsession with science and technology. I work as a

tutor at the Science and Engineering Tutoring Center. My contribution to this

team work is going to be analytical problem solving.

Ryan McDermott – I am a Junior Mechanical Engineering Student at UMass Dartmouth

with a concentration on Energy. I work as a Power Generation Equipment

Repairer at the Massachusetts Army National Guard. I have over a year of

Troubleshooting and repair experience. I am the Team Coordinator.

Jonathan Fang – I am a Junior Mechanical Engineering student at University of

Massachusetts Dartmouth. I have a year of experience with fixing and

customize cars at a dealership. I am a technical support in the team to

tear and put parts together.