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Cal Poly, Team 19-11, Maness Winter 2015

Student Team

Team Tag: CPSU-MANESS-W15S19G11

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Guide Image

Nexus 9 Battery Replacement

Replace the battery.

Guide Image

Nexus 9 Power and Volume Buttons Replacement

Replace the power and volume buttons.

Guide Image

Nexus 9 Speakers Replacement

Replace the speakers.

Guide Image

Nexus 9 Rear Facing Camera Replacement

Replace the rear-facing camera.

Guide Image

Kindle Voyage Back Panel Replacement

Prerequisite only guide, removing the Kindle Voyage back panel.

Guide Image

Kindle Voyage Wifi Antenna Replacement

Guide to removing the Kindle Voyage's WiFi antenna.

Guide Image

Nexus 9 LCD Screen Replacement

This guide is designed to show the steps needed in order to completely...

Guide Image

Kindle Voyage Ambient Light Sensor Replacement

Guide to removing the Kindle Voyage's Ambient Light Sensor

Guide Image

Kindle Voyage Vibrator Replacement

Replace a broken vibrator in your Kindle Voyage.

Guide Image

Kindle Voyage Screen Replacement

Replace the cracked or broken screen on your Kindle Voyage.