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Cal Poly, Team 6-25, Maness Fall 2014

Student Team

Team Tag: CPSU-MANESS-F14S6G25

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Guide Image

Krups 963 Power Cord Replacement

Replacing a damaged or non-function power cord.

Guide Image

Krups 963 Steamer Attachment Replacement

Replacing or cleaning a clogged or non-functioning steamer attachment.

Guide Image

Krups 963 Water Heater Replacement

Replacing a faulty or broken water heater in your coffee maker.

Guide Image

Krups 963 Power Switch Replacement

A guide to replacing the red power switch on the front of the machine.

Guide Image

Krups 963 Gasket Replacement

Replacing the top gasket on your coffee maker to stop a steam leak.

Guide Image

Disassembling Krups 963 Top Cover

Remove the top plastic cover of the machine, to fix leaks from the lid.