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Eastern Washington University, Team S2-G6, Crane Fall 2017

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Team Tag: EWU-CRANE-F17S2G6

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The Leader of the group is Peter Weir, he is a junior working on his visual communications degree. Peter likes to lead groups because of his organizational abilities and management skills.

The Research Guide Expert of the group is James McMicheal, a Senior in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Computer Engineering. James has experience with electronic repair though both his schooling as well as his time as a Senior Certified Tech with Staples, Inc.

The Device and Photo Expert is Thomas Pheasant, he is a senior in Visual Communication Design with experience in photography and Adobe software. His creative abilities will be a great asset to the building of the guides.

The Troubleshooting Expert of the group is Elias Surface, a sophomore in Human Resources Administration. He is able to pay attention to small details that will ensure his success in this position and has general skills with rhetoric and proofreading.