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Eastern Washington University, Team S1-G1, Crane Spring 2017

Student Team

Team Tag: EWU-CRANE-S17S1G1

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Our team consists of Addie Kenney, Abdulmajeed Alsahli, and Chelsea Phillips. Our varying backgrounds and majors including Technical Communication, Visual Communication Design, and Electrical Engineering, give us a unique advantage for this project.

The project leader and trouble shooting page expert is Addie. Addie is double majoring in Technical Communications and Communications with a minor in Digital Design and Film. Addie is highly organized, hardworking, and usually up for many late night projects.

Chelsea Phillips is the photo expert as well as the RG expert. Chelsea is a Visual Communication Design major with a minor in Studio Art. Chelsea is used to analyzing appearance, word usage, layout, and usability of a design. She also has a DSLR camera and a light studio, so she will be taking photos for the project.

The device expert is Abdulmajeed Alsahli. Abdul is majoring in Electrical Engineering with a minor Africana History. Abdul is punctual and tries to stay ahead of his school work and tasks. Also, Abdul has a lot of previous experience repairing toys and electronics.