My Problem

My MBP right cooling fan had been "talking" to me for years, soft ticks and growls. Then it began screeching solid and loud. The shaft was in critical orbit mode.

My Fix

The part arrived early the next day (all it takes is money) and I was up and running by 11:00 am. I followed the steps and photos, laid the screws out in the order they came out, then backtracked the directions and buttoned it up.

My Advice

I could not get the screen/data cable disconnected as instructed. I did not know how much force was too much, so fearing damaging the cable or the connecter, I worked the fan under the cable without disconnecting it. It seemed to me this was less stressful of the cable, but it is also clear that a slip with the screw driver could nick the cable this way. I recommend follow the directions if you can.