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Intalling Dual HDD on my wife's MacBook Pro

by avazbekkarimov

My Problem

DVD Drive was not used for ages, so time came to replace it with SSD. Prior to dual HDD, System 250 GB HDD was already upgraded to 640GB, but still MacBook was slow. So I added 250 GB SSD and installed OS X to that disk. Now MacBook is much faster.

I have changed Display assembly on my friends MacBook Pro too. Original one was broken. Now he have got brand new looking MacBook Pro )

My Fix

Installation went smoothly, I used tools which came with Dual HDD Kit. DVD rom connection cable is also working great! I will use it very rarely maybe to burn some DVDs only.

Changing the Display was even easier than installing Dual HDD. I just followed the instructions.

My Advice

Thanks IFixIt for easy instructions and Fast delivery of the ordered Items. It took me only 6 days to get all perts here in Saudi Arabia.