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The Power of fixing it ones self

Timbuk2 -

Samsung Epic 4G Touch

Samsung Epic 4G Touch Front Panel Assembly Replacement

Samsung Epic 4G Touch Front Panel Assembly Replacement


My Problem

Long story short, I cracked the screen, but feel free to read on.

I got my Galaxy S2 the day I had to fly all the way to the East Coast for school for the first time ever, making this phone a big part of my new life. The phone was awesome and I had never owned something like a smartphone before. But that admiration and appreciation turned into frustration when the touch screen buttons started pressing themselves. I lived with is problem for months till my phone started turning on and off by its self. I would be in the middle of a text and it would just restart its self. One day I got so upset that I smashed it up against my bathroom sink in a blind rage. That cracked the screen and from that day the screen would not work. I could not even back up my files from the phone because I could not unlock the screen of the phone. I thought I was doomed and gave up all hope on getting that information.

My Fix

After reading someone's story about how they fixed their front panel I knew that I could possibly fix mine. So I ordered the part off of Ifixit and didn't expect it to arrive anytime soon, but it came very fast! The day it arrived, I went home and did my best to clear a table and mentally prepare for the epic journey of bringing my phone back to life. With my laptop displaying the Ifixit guide, I followed each step as perfectly and carefully as I could. It seemed that the more delicate and careful I tried being, the clumsier I became. I made sure to take a previous Ifixer's advice and buy the spudger and MAN did that come in handy! When I was done I put the battery in the phone and pressed the on button. It was the longest second ever but after I saw the blue light come on and then SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 I was jumping up for joy and ran to show my mom. I DID IT AND BY MYSELF TOO! Thank you Ifixit!

My Advice

My advice would be to:

1. make sure to buy that spudger. It is very useful, especially when one needs to have something pointy to lift the vibration part of the phone. 2. One every step that requires the removal of a part, have a designated ziplock bag for that part. For example, one step was to unscrew 6 little screws, so after I did I put those screws in one ziplock bag. Then one the next step that required the removal of a part, I put that part in another ziplock bag. 3. Before attaching the front panel, make sure to take off the extra sticker attached to it and remove the extra part located near the charger port of the panel. After attaching the front panel, I tried screwing in the 2 screws and the panel would not lay flat. Little did I know that there was a part there that was meant to be removed. 4. Have confidence in yourself because YOU CAN FIX IT! 5. Have patience and don't get so angry that you crack your screen.

Spudger Image


Galaxy S II (Sprint) Screen Image
Galaxy S II (Sprint) Screen


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