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Please Don't Stop The Music

ajh -

iPod 3rd Generation

iPod 3rd Generation Battery Replacement

45 minutes


My Problem

The battery on my 3rd generation iPod died. The iPod would only play when plugged into a power source. It was my first iPod and though I have others I wasn't ready to give it up.

I fixed it because a battery replacement looked to be an easy thing to do. I wasn't ready to throw away an otherwise a good device.

My Fix

The repair was easy peasy. The hardest part is getting the case separated. It took a few tries to open the case but it was smooth sailing once that was done. Nothing to be scared of.

My Advice

iFixit does a good job explaining what to do in their guides.

If you have a dead iPod laying around go ahead and take a chance on a new replacement battery. It's a relatively easy job.

iPod 3G Replacement Battery Image
iPod 3G Replacement Battery


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