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Repaired my MacBookPro A1226

by gijs

My Problem

My keyboard was broken so I decided to give it a try and fix it by myself.

My Fix

With the manual from iFixit it actually went real easy. I bought the screwdrivers that were needed and setup some trays to put in the screws for every step.

I got started and half an hour later when I put it all back together it worked! It made me happy and proud to be able to fix such an advanced device all by myself.

My Advice

My tip to everyone is that you make room for your iFixit project and just take the time to finish it all in one session. Also, for me, the thing with the trays worked out very well.

At last I would like to advice you to get one of those spray cans that blow air so you can dust your device. I did not have it but would have loved it to be able and clean the inside of my laptop.