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No picks no problem!

gavin nich -

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

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Samsung Galaxy S10+ Screen Replacement

2 hours


My Problem

My cousin Works at a blue collar job and for some unknown reason doesn't have a work phone so he takes his very expensive phone with him to work and a week ago the screen was shattered completely

along with the back glass.

My Fix

the repair was simple enough but there was one big problem.. The Picks that were supposed to come with my set never arrived but the repair Must Go On. I proceeded to try things like playing cards and {don't try this} my Spudger. so i thought about the name of them a little bit more and realized that they're basically guitar picks right? being the musician I am I have a stockpile of those and you know what they're now a staple of my shop worked great and repair went smoothly.

My Advice

that adhesive on the inside is really pesky to get off so just take your time with it and work at it trust me its working.

Galaxy S10+ Screen Image
Galaxy S10+ Screen


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Good to see that you have a little workstation-How cute!

Kind-hearted, spirited Man - Reply

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