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2011 iPhone 4s First-Time Battery Replacement

Leandro de la Rosa -

iPhone 4S

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iPhone 4S Battery Replacement

3 hours


My Problem

The battery's lifespan has severely degraded after 7 years. The indicator gets stuck on 1% for a long time.

My Fix

It went well with the exception of the removal of the 1.7 mm Phillips screw by the battery connector. The reason it took my battery replacement process 3 hours is that I stripped the aforementioned screw. The included iFixit screwdriver's Phillips screw attachment for reason didn't go well with the 1.7 mm screw. After I miraculously removed the stripped screw, everything else went without a hitch.

My Advice

Don't strip any screws. If you think you are careful during the unscrewing process, you should probably be a little bit more careful.

iPhone 4S Replacement Battery Image
iPhone 4S Replacement Battery


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