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New life into an old phone

Brian Kowald -

iPhone 5s

How to replace the battery in your iPhone 5s

4 hours


My Problem

Weak battery. I couldn't even go for a run without my phone dying.

My Fix

Harder than I thought. On my first try, the phone was completely dead. Wouldn't come on at all. I disconnected the home button, battery, and the three screen connectors and reconnected. On a second try it worked. I had some dots and bars on my screen after replacing the battery, but some posters said to wait and recharge the battery. I'm glad I waited, the lines are gone and there is just the faintest appearance of blocks. I'll live with that.

My Advice

I have a precision screwdriver set that contained bits that fit better than the ones from iFixit that I recommend. Get separate containers for organizing screws. If you get bars and squares on your screen after reassembly, don't panic. Charge the battery up and wait it out.

Update: I could not be happier with the new battery. I believe it's even better than the original. Thank you, fixit.

iPhone 5s Replacement Battery Image
iPhone 5s Replacement Battery


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