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Gave a iPad Air a new home.

Brandon Huiras -

iPad Air LTE

iPad Air LTE Logic Board Replacement

iPad Air LTE Logic Board Replacement

1 hour


My Problem

iCloud locked.

My Fix

It went great! Really impressed.

My Advice

It is not ok to just keep a found iPad. I waited over a year for mine to have been claimed. Since no one claimed it, I bought a replacement logic board. I never used the iOpener before. I am a paid professional phone and computer technician, and I was aware of its existence. So when it came time to fix this iPad I went to iFixit for the iOpener because I heard good things about the tool. Enlightenment? That would be to be patient and read and follow the instructions accordingly. The opener worked. But make sure you use the picks and watch out for antennas and cables.

iOpener Image


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