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Was just going to order the pentalope driver...

James Butzberger -

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Front Panel Replacement

1 hour


My Problem

I dropped my phone, resulting in a couple of white vertical stripes on the screen. If I squeezed the top edge of the screen the stripes disappeared, then reappeared when I released it. So I figured it was just a loose connection.

My Fix

Was just going to order the pentalope driver, but I decided to order the toolkit. For a little more than double the cost (including shipping) of the driver, I received many valuable tools I was lacking.

The repair went fine - after disconnecting the battery and screen cables, then re-seating them, my phone is working perfectly again. Yay!

My Advice

The repair guide showed a cover over the screen cable terminals, but there was no cover on my phone. I guess not all phones are identical.

Essential Electronics Toolkit Image
Essential Electronics Toolkit


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