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Pad Air screen replacement good DIY but confusing ending

Scott Cassio -

iPad Air Wi-Fi

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iPad Air Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement

2 hours


My Problem

Cracked front panel assembly

My Fix

The repair is pretty straight forward until the conclusion which states, 'But first ensure to place a narrow piece of tape over the copper/silver at the bottom of the digitizer to the left and right of the home button.'

Since there was no tape in those areas when I took the iPad apart it led to serious confusion before I put it back together. And with so many people writing that their screens weren't working correctly I came to a work stoppage at this point not wanting to put the iPad back together incorrectly.

My Advice

I watched several YouTube videos and not a single one mentioned or showed putting tape over the bottom silver parts of the digitizer. My advice is to take a look at the photo I've attached to this write-up.

With the iPad opened up and looking at the digitizer you see a metallic pad to the right of the home button. Make sure that pad is in place before you put the iPad back together. You may have dislodged it when sliding the picks around this area. You can see a corresponding area on the front panel assembly where this pad is supposed to make contact when closed.

On the front panel assembly you see a small rubber pad. Since the new assembly does not come with this pad, remove it and attach it to the new front panel assembly.

Where I have the blue arrow there are some small electrical components on a ribbon cable. I do not remember if there was a piece of tape over this area or not. Refer to your disassembly and if there was tape there, put it back.

Finally, if patience isn't part of your vocabulary then take a pass on this DIY. Going fast will lead to further damage beyond the cracked screen. Skip the iOpener and carefully use a heat gun. My screen came off in one piece rather than in shards due to patience and the heat gun.

It's been almost two weeks now and I do not have any issues with the iPad screen going whack all on its own and touching icons and opening apps as if it's possessed. I attribute that to ensuring those two pads at the bottom of the digitizer/screen were put back in place before closing it up. I did not put any tape over the copper/silver area at the bottom of the digitizer because there was no tape there when I took the iPad apart and it was not clear to me where exactly I would put this tape.

Good luck!

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iFixit Opening Picks (Set of 6)


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