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Basically Rebuilt my MacBook Penryn Model!!

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MacBook Core Duo

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MacBook Core Duo Battery Replacement

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Very easy

My Problem

My old 2008 MacBook was still in great working condition but unfortunately could no longer keep up with my graphic design needs as the OS would not support Adobe Creative Cloud. I planned to sell the unit, but with the casing so dingy, I wasn't going to get much out of it. As a person who has always loved taking things apart and putting them back together, I decided I would try my hand at disassembling a computer for the first time ever!

My Fix

I needed to replace to the bottom case on the unit to start as it was really cracked on one side. There was also a lot of chipping on the keyboard and on the front display bezel, and I was sure the clutch cover was damaged . Since replacing the bottom case requires dismantling the whole unit, I did these repairs as well at the same time. I was doing well...until I stripped two screws . I reached all over to get tips on how to remove stripped screws but by the time I did, the damage was too much. I even went as far as trying to selectively break parts of the old bottom case to free the components as a desperate attempt. I ended up ordering the parts that were stuck in the old casing from and started back up with the repairs three days later when the parts arrived. I was really sure that I had destroyed the logic board when the unit didn't start after reassembly....but it turns out the power button was defect on the new keyboard and starts up fine with the old keyboard. My MacBook lives!!!

My Advice

Be very, very, very careful with the screws and be patient. Stripping screws will stop you dead in your tracks and is extremely aggravating. I'd recommend watching one of the basic skills tutorials here on if you're inexperienced like I was. Also, print out the repair guide here and tape your screws to the steps where you removed them, that why you know exactly where they go and it's more difficult to lose them because they are taped down. :)

MacBook Battery Image
MacBook Battery


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MacBook Clutch Cover


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