iPhone 7/7 Plus SIM Card Tray Gasket

iPhone 7/7 Plus SIM Card Tray Gasket



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Replace a torn or missing gasket on the SIM card tray for an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. This gasket fits just inside the exterior face of the SIM card tray.


iPhone 7
A1660 Verizon/Sprint/China
A1778 AT&T/T-Mobile/Global
A1779 Japan
A1780 China Mobile
iPhone 7 Plus
A1661 Verizon/Sprint/China
A1784 AT&T/T-Mobile/Global
A1785 Japan
A1786 China Mobile

Repair Stories

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My Problem

I broke the gasket changing my sim card as a newby...

My Fix

I ordered the gasket from France, received it in 10-15 days. I changed it easily in 30sec.

Thank you !

My Advice

no problem.