iPad Air and iPad 5 Adhesive Strips

iPad Air and iPad 5 Adhesive Strips



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Keep all your hard work from falling away from your fingertips!

  • You managed the painstaking opening procedure and you repaired your tablet, now it's time to seal the deal.
  • These strips are custom cut specifically for the 1st generation iPad Air or iPad 5. You will find the adhesive strips for the iPad Air 2 here.
  • Individual pieces fit precisely around important components and provide a sturdy closure.
  • Because of continuing improvements, actual product may differ slightly from photo.


iPad 5 LTE
LTE Sprint
LTE T-Mobile
LTE Verizon
iPad 5 Wi-Fi
iPad Air
128 GB Wi-Fi
128 GB Wi-Fi/Cellular
16 GB Wi-Fi
16 GB Wi-Fi/Cellular
32 GB Wi-Fi
32 GB Wi-Fi/Cellular
64 GB Wi-Fi
64 GB Wi-Fi/Cellular

Repair Stories

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My Problem

The screen was cracked

My Fix

The repair went well took some times but was able to install it

My Advice

In the beginning to remove the broken screen is very difficult since it has been broken into many pieces... Even though I have placed clear tap on top of the glass to hold in place still since there are many small b . . .