Galaxy S4 Motherboard (Verizon)

Galaxy S4 Motherboard (Verizon)



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Damaged or broken motherboard?

  • Make your Galaxy S4 as good as new with a replacement 16 or 32 GB part.
  • This part is for Verizon (SCH-I545) models only.
  • This is a used OEM part.

NOTE: This part will not work with any 720T (Triband) model. There is a slight difference in cable length for one of the flex cables. Unfortunately, we do not carry a part compatible with the 720T at this time.


Samsung Galaxy S4
Verizon (I545)

Repair Stories

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My Problem

My S4 had memory issues and i was told be numerous "repair" people that I need to get a new phone. I decided to do some research and found out that I could do the repair on my own for much less then a new phone.

My Fix

The repair went fantastic, it was surprisingly easy to do the work. I simply followed s . . .