Galaxy Note 3 LCD Screen and Digitizer (T-Mobile/AT&T)

Galaxy Note 3 LCD Screen and Digitizer (T-Mobile/AT&T)

GH97-15130A This is a brand new OEM, original part.



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Product Details



Fix that broken screen!

  • No touch sensitivity? Cracked screen? This is the part you need.
  • The display assembly includes the LCD, digitizer and frame with various other components. The part will come with all components pictured.
  • This part will only work in a T-Mobile or AT&T Galaxy Note 3. We do carry the display assembly for Sprint/Verizon as well.
  • Note: The actual part you get may vary from the picture. It may have extra or may be missing certain gaskets or rubber pieces. Those parts can be transfered from an existing assembly to the new one if they are not on the part you get from us.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3
AT&T (N9005A)
T-Mobile (N9005T)

Repair Stories

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My Problem

Gravity was not my friend - Note 3 fell from atop a 6' ladder, meeting it's demise.

My Fix

Parts were spot-on, fitment was perfect.

Cowabunga dude!

My Advice

Make sure you work on a repair mat and use a magnetized screwdriver. Losing a 1mm screw is much worse than finding a needle, even without they haystack!

Ta . . .