PlayStation 4 SAA-001 Motherboard & Paired Optical Drive

PlayStation 4 SAA-001 Motherboard & Paired Optical Drive



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Please note:

The optical drive and motherboard must be replaced together. An optical drive that is not paired with the motherboard will not recognize game disks.

  • This part includes the bare motherboard with attached ports and the paired optical drive.
  • Heat sinks are not included. It is essential to apply a new layer of thermal paste before reinstalling the heat sinks.
  • A software update may need to be reinstalled after replacing the motherboard in your PS4. The software update can be downloaded for free online from Sony.
  • You will find the later model SAB-001 motherboard here.


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Repair Stories

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My Problem

The HDMI port on the PS4 I bought when they first came out took a crap on me and stopped working entirely.

My Fix

Ordered a new motherboard and paired optical drive from Took approximately 45 mins to replace both. Very helpful step by step instructions on the website.

My Advice

ifixit is legit.