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Replacement parts for DIY HP laptop repair

iFixit makes HP laptop repair easy: strictly tested, quality-ensured replacement parts, unmatched DIY fix kits, and free in-depth, accurate repair manuals.
We have an assortment of case components, motherboards, screens, and speakers to get your HP Laptop working like new.

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HP Compaq Parts

HP EliteBook Parts
HP Envy Parts

HP G Series Parts

HP Pavilion Parts

HP ProBook Parts
HP 1000-1320TU Parts
HP 14-AM

HP 14-AM Parts
HP 14-AN

HP 14-AN Parts
HP 14-AQ

HP 14-AQ Parts
HP 14-AR

HP 14-AR Parts
HP 15-AY03

HP 15-AY03 Parts
HP 15-F

HP 15-F Parts
HP 15-f004dx

HP 15-F004DX Parts
HP 15-f009wm

HP 15-F009WM Parts
HP 15-f033wm

HP 15-F033WM Parts
HP 15q-ds0000 Series

HP 15q-ds0000 Series Parts
HP 2000-2

HP 2000-2 Parts
HP 2000T-2

HP 2000T-2 Parts
HP 2000Z-2

HP 2000Z-2 Parts
HP 215 G1

HP 215 G1 Parts
HP 240 G4

HP 240 G4 Parts
HP 245 G4

HP 245 G4 Parts
HP 246 G4

HP 246 G4 Parts
HP 248 G1

HP 248 G1 Parts
HP 250 G1

HP 250 G1 Parts
HP 250 G2

HP 250 G2 Parts
HP 250 G4

HP 250 G4 Parts
HP 255 G2

HP 255 G2 Parts
HP 255 G3

HP 255 G3 Parts
HP 255 G4

HP 255 G4 Parts
HP 256 G4

HP 256 G4 Parts
HP 3125

HP 3125 Parts
HP 340 G1

HP 340 G1 Parts
HP 350 G1

HP 350 G1 Parts
HP Beats Special Edition 15-p390nr

HP Beats Special Edition 15-p390nr Parts
HP Notebook 14-cf0000 Series

HP Notebook 14-cf0000 Series Parts
HP Notebook 14-ck0000 Series

HP Notebook 14-ck0000 Series Parts
HP Notebook 14-cm0000 Series

HP Notebook 14-cm0000 Series Parts
HP Notebook 14-df0000 Series

HP Notebook 14-df0000 Series Parts
HP Notebook 14g

HP Notebook 14g Parts
HP Notebook 14s-cf0000 Series

HP Notebook 14s-cf0000 Series Parts
HP Notebook 14s-cr0000 Series

HP Notebook 14s-cr0000 Series Parts
HP 15-da0012dx

HP Notebook 15-da0000 Series Parts
HP 15-db0015dx

HP Notebook 15-db0000 Series Parts
HP Notebook 15-dw0000 Series

HP Notebook 15-dw0000 Series Parts
HP Notebook 15g

HP Notebook 15g Parts
HP Notebook 15s-fq0000 Series

HP Notebook 15s-fq0000 Series Parts
HP Laptop 17-by1053dx

HP Notebook 17-by0000 Series Parts
HP Notebook 17-ca0000 Series

HP Notebook 17-ca0000 Series Parts
HP Omen 15-ax243dx

HP Omen 15 Parts
HP Omen 15-AX

HP Omen 15-AX Parts
HP OMEN 15-dc0000

HP OMEN 15-dc0000 Series Parts
HP Omen 17-CB0000

HP Omen 17-CB0000 Parts
HP Spectre 13-4002dx

HP Spectre 13-4002dx Parts
HP Spectre 13 4003dx x360

HP Spectre 13-4003dx Parts
HP Spectre 13-4203TU

HP Spectre 13-4203TU Parts
HP Spectre 13-4204TU

HP Spectre 13-4204TU Parts
HP Spectre 13-AC

HP Spectre 13-AC Parts
HP Spectre 13-W0

HP Spectre 13-W0 Parts
HP Spectre x360 13t-4000

HP Spectre 13t-4000 Parts
HP Stream 11-d

HP Stream 11-d Parts
HP Stream 13-c

HP Stream 13-c Parts
HP TouchSmart 15-f010dx

HP TouchSmart 15-f010dx Parts
HP ZBook 14

HP ZBook 14 Parts
HP ZBook 15 G2

HP ZBook 15 G2 Parts
HP ZBook 15

HP ZBook 15 Parts
HP zBook 15u G3

HP ZBook 15u G3 Parts
HP ZBook 15u G4

HP ZBook 15u G4 Parts
HP ZBook 15U G5

HP ZBook 15U G5 Parts
HP Zbook 15U G6

HP Zbook 15U G6 Parts

HP ZBook Studio G5 Parts

HP ZBook Studio X360 G5 Parts


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