Introducing the Micro Tech Toolkit: Less Really Is More

From iPods to Fitbits, gizmos keep getting smaller. So, we’re introducing a new toolkit to better handle modern devices. Armed with data from thousands of teardowns and repair guides, our engineers designed our most precise toolkit yet. We’re calling it the Micro Tech Toolkit. 

Micro Tech Toolkit

We know having the right tool for the job is essential—especially for wearable technology. When we first opened up the Apple Watch, our techs had to file a driver down to fit the tiniest tri-point screw we’d ever seen. That’s why our engineers designed every tool in our MicroTech Toolkit from the ground up—with tiny repairs in mind.

The Micro Tech Toolkit includes:

  • ESD safe Micro spudger, for precision micro-prying
  • Micro pliers, to manage tiny components
  • Micro opening tool, for those hard-to-reach places
  • Triple Precision Bit Kit — including the P2, the Y000 and the Phillips #000
  • Just like all of our tools, the MicroTech is backed by iFixit’s lifetime warranty.  

We obsess over our tool quality, so we put our Micro Tech Toolkit through our rigorous design and testing process, led by our resident micro tool expert. Watch the artistry and engineering prowess that went into this micro marvel.

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