Introducing the Pro Tech Network

iFixit and the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program (RRP) are proud to announce the Pro Tech Network—a free, comprehensive program designed to make it easy for people to start new businesses fixing cell phones, tablets, and computers. iFixit and Microsoft aim for it to create thousands of new repair businesses around the world.

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The collaboration between iFixit and Microsoft was born out of a mutual commitment to extending the usable life of electronics.

iFixit, the free repair manual, has taught tens of millions of people how to fix the things they own. Our community-crafted repair documentation covers everything from smartphones to skateboards. Soon after its founding in 2003, iFixit became a go-to resource for novice technicians looking to grow their skills and start a part-time/second-job business. Traditionally it has been difficult and expensive to get access to the knowledge to setup an electronics repair business. The Pro Tech Network was designed as a free solution to share that knowledge and allow anyone to contribute to it.

Microsoft’s Registered Refurbisher Program increases the value of refurbished, second-owner PCs by providing low-cost genuine Microsoft software. The program originally started to provide refurbished PCs to schools and non-profit organizations, and has expanded to thousands of organizations around the world. These refurbishers help families and small businesses get access to Windows PCs.

The explosion of mobile devices means the refurbishment industry will need new knowledge, tools, and techniques to meet new challenges. The Pro Tech Network helps people learn to repair PCs, smartphones and tablets—and create businesses with these skills. Written by iFixit and sponsored by Microsoft, the Pro Tech Network collaboration ensures up-to-date business methods and repair documentation will be free and accessible, even as technology continues to change.

The Pro Tech Network helps enterprising individuals start and grow with:

  • In-depth repair manuals
  • Q&A community of fellow experts
  • Fundamental repair skills training
  • Small business accounting tools and cash flow worksheets
  • Marketing best practices and design templates
  • Parts sourcing and testing pointers
  • Customer service and general business best practices

The Pro Tech Network is a free online resource to empower people to create their own economic opportunity. And since it’s a collaborative platform, repair techs will be able to share their knowledge and learn not just from us, but also from each other. The Pro Tech Network is a resource built for repair businesses, by repair businesses—that will spur on the repair industry as a whole.

Together, iFixit and Microsoft are making the world better by creating jobs, reducing e-waste, and providing access to technology.

Check out the Pro Tech Network at pro.ifixit.com for everything you need to start your business. Come on, let’s fix the world.