11 iFixit Stocking Stuffers to Make the Season Bright

11 iFixit Stocking Stuffers to Make the Season Bright

These little wonders bring big fixes.

Small gifts might come in small packaging, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a big impact. Enter stocking stuffers—those little tokens of thoughtfulness that can bring a whole lot of cheer.

The holidays might seem close, but worry not. We’ve summoned our inner Saint Nicholas to assist you in completing your holiday gift planning. And, we’ve already curated the ultimate gift guide for 2023, but today’s focus is helping you secure those stocking stuffers.

Whether you’re a tech aficionado, a hands-on DIYer, or someone who simply values nifty tools, we’ve compiled a lineup of petite yet capable iFixit essentials. These items were perfectly made for slipping into stockings, and for being the ideal companions to the bigger players in their toolboxes. So, let the holiday preparations commence!

Scroll to explore the best stocking stuffers of 2023. Happy tinkering and joyful shopping!

All I want for Christmas is you this.

For the one always experimenting with electricity 

Digital Multimeter


Want to make the invisible visible? If you do any kind of tinkering, repair, testing, DIY, or anything involving electricity, this is a MUST HAVE item. The Digital Multimeter will help you test and troubleshoot anything that involves electrons flowing through circuits.

For the PC builder

iFixit Thermal Paste


Applying thermal paste is one of the most important steps for building a PC. This is ideal for cooling performance and keeping your valuable chips from overheating. Get buff!

For the obsessive TikTok user  

65W USB-C GaN iFixit Fast Charger


You can’t endlessly scroll through TikTok without a fully charged device. The iFixit Fast Charger was built for dependable and lightning-speed charging. The Gallium Nitride tech makes it more energy efficient and compact than other standard charges and can charge phones, tablets, and even laptops.

For the person constantly looking beneath the surface    



Suitable for beginners and pros alike, the Anti-Clamp simplifies the often tedious process of device opening into a mere turn of a crank. Ideal for securing an easy and accurate opening experience while keeping repair-induced cracks at bay.

For the Kelly Clarkson stan    

Desoldering Pump


Take a risk, take a chance, make a change, and breakaway that molten solder. The Desoldering Pump delivers a powerful suction force with the push of a button. A much safer option than using a desoldering braid.

For the person who runs hot (or cold)    

IR Thermometer


This little thermometer is packing some heat, or at least, some pretty cool features. The no-touch thermometer gives accurate readings of an object’s temperature and has a built-in laser pointer that ensures you’ll always know what you’re measuring. 

For the aspiring soldering expert     

Lead-Free Solder


Need to replace a motherboard or a broken wire? Snag some lead-free solder coiled into a convenient, pocketable dispensing tube. No matter what you’re fixing, this solder will make the job quick, easy, and effective. 

For the one who wishes they had an extra set of hands

Soldering Splint


The Soldering Splint is a next-generation soldering aid. It is designed to hold onto wires to position them when soldering splices and magnetically attaches to ferromagnetic surfaces or objects. And don’t worry about accidentally melting it! The heat-resistant silicone cover makes it the perfect tool for helping you handle a hot soldering iron.

For the junk drawer that needs an upgrade   

Moray Driver Kit


Measuring a portable .9″ x 3.1″ x 4.9″, the Moray is the perfect bit driver kit for electronics and home repair basics. Stash this away in any junk drawer, and you will be ready to prevent more of your stuff from becoming junk. 

For the friend who’s always on the go    

Minnow Driver Kit


The Minnow pocket-size screwdriver and portable precision bit set is our smallest kit ever! It is the most convenient solution for anyone constantly out and about and in need of a fix. 

For iFixit’s #1 fan    

T-Shirts, Stickers, and More Gear


So, you’re a huge fan of iFixit and aren’t afraid to show it? (Thank you, you’re making us blush!) We have t-shirts, stickers, notebooks, and more for you. Show off that you’re a fixer with any item from our collection.